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  1. I also work in marketing and I think it's possible that you are mistaking causation for correlation. Not that you can't be right, but it is just as likely that they released the Madoff show because talks of recession and bear markets are hot right now and people are just generally more interested in the topic.

  2. Tell the same people NFTs would have prevented this and they will stone you

  3. Yes because elephants were given strong legs to hop on trees

  4. God morgen fra Danmark! 🇩🇰

  5. Also I'm guessing OP has NO fucking idea what "conspiracy" means 😂

  6. Calling WEF a conspiracy is akin to calling the GME moon thesis a conspiracy - change my mind?

  7. What happens when the FED turns against the American people? Oh wait...they don't consider 99% of the voting public "people". Only if they have a LLC (at least) after their names.

  8. They were never pro American people in the first place. Their whole business was founded on being against the American people.

  9. They feel like it's hard to go cold turkey with the hungry jokes

  10. Do we know when was the last time something like this happened? If so, what was the explanation, if any?

  11. Worked at Jane Street with SBF. Worked at Citadel for Ken Griffin. Then became president of FTX. Storied past in corrupt institutions

  12. Also lied about GME tokenized shares being 1:1 backed by actual shares

  13. God morgen fra Danmark! 🇩🇰 And happy MLK day to ameriapes!

  14. “Let this be the hour when we draw swords together. Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath, now for ruin, and the red dawn. Forth, Eorlingas!”

  15. I just upvote purple circles at this point. Every post here is a decoration and the quarterly reports directly from GameStop are the substance.

  16. They are also a constant reminder that the job's not finished.

  17. 0xBba71974A451C1CEadcE2b9FBf17A9283254Cbcd

  18. Keep the change you filthy animal!

  19. And when you mention the utility of NFTs you are burnt on a stake. Smh

  20. Pay attention to the comments. I’m not a part of this community, but I’ve been checking this out. Lots of accounts posting to sell, get out quick, last chance, don’t be a bag holder, etc.

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