1. That looks really cool. Hag stones are awesome little presents from nature.

  2. Op, have you been mansplaining witchcraft to women or non-male presenting folx?

  3. Brazen to dictate what can and cannot offend people. Your comment comes off as to imply an offense was being made, deliberately. Again you come off as very antagonistic for no reason. It genuinely comes off that you don't like male witches, or that you don't think they're valid. I'd like to not assume that but the way you talk down to OP like they've already done something wrong is very rude and presumptuous of their character. Also your veiled threat has been noted.

  4. I mean this with as much respect as I can muster and I am sorry if it comes off as rude or ignorant. Really.

  5. You have nothing to apologize for. You stated a blatant fact, nothing more. You are welcome here as all people are regardless of gender or identity. All are valued within the witchcraft communities.

  6. I don't do dms but I have this to share.

  7. Scented candles work just fine. You can also the the scents into your workings too.

  8. The Craft isn't a gene per-say but a calling. If you've found yourself asking the how then it's called and you've answered. Look to where your family comes from the mythology and the fables of the land. Look into the basics of energy work, protections and grounding. Pick a few topics that interest you and read up on them and start practicing. It all comes in time. Look to folk magic if you're looking specifically for magic of the cunning folk and village witch. Best of luck and feel free to reach as well I'm happy help if i can.

  9. These are so cool, I don't think I've ever seen them done with shells before. 🖤

  10. An interesting set up, though if the wax is an indication of outcomes it seems they may likely come back but it won't last forever.

  11. I've seen things ranging from casting another spell to cancel the other to doing it backwards. The biggest take away from this though is why it's so important think through a spell before casting them.

  12. That pictures gives major "We're gettin' the band back together" vibes.

  13. Lovely crystals. I have a crystal seller and energy healer duo that run a shop about 3 blocks up from me, I love going in to talk about crystals and will literally spend hours in there just talking.

  14. Man, I spend too much money on witch/crystal shops lol. I have to stay online where I can see the costs adding up as I go.

  15. I know the feeling lol. I have major crow brain, I see a shiny or weird shit and I'm just like Mine... Do I need it, no but MINE..

  16. Folk witch here myself. I don't work much with the solar phases, I believe that might be the term, but do use sigils occasionally and several other forms of magic that I've picked up over the years.

  17. Sigils are based around either planetary or numeric grids. They can also be things that you channel from spirits, the divine or other various entities. At the end if the day though it comes down to what they mean to you specifically. An example might be a heart with an arrow going through it drawn with one continuous line for a love sigil.

  18. Must be nice to have that kinda free time, to tell others what they are or aren't.

  19. Lmao thank you! Ill have to let the dude know I've officially been initiated into the club 😂

  20. Ancestor if a very broad term in a sense. In my practice it comes to mean those who came before. This encompasses both my bloodline family members but also the ancestors going way back to the first "people" to walk the paths of magic. Ancestor veneration can also encompass people that you hold in high reverence. An example might be Gardenerian Wiccans venerating Gerald Gardener as he is the founding ancestor of their tradition.

  21. If it works for you then that's all that matters. I keep a generic tarot app on my phone for quick reference and the periodic reading as well.

  22. I mean, they didn't have therapy in those days, you had to get your feels out somehow XD

  23. May your heart be ever true and your life here forth be ever blessed.

  24. I always had a draw to the natural world and I was sensitive to the energies of the things and people around me. Finding witchcraft just became a sense of "coming home" to me. Also I was really I to Charmed and Harry Potter when i was younger so it was also the thrill of finding where these things took their basis from.

  25. When I don’t have a cow’s tongue, I draw lips on paper, write the persons name on the lips, write “keep my name out yo mouth” around the lips. Then speak over it.

  26. Sometimes you don’t have cow tongue in the freezer. lol.

  27. Personally I've found all sages to have the same purpose, common kitchen sage I personally think smells better than white sage. You can also forgo the sage all together and use other cleansing herbs or items.

  28. What is your practice, if you don't mind my asking, as I'm not wholly familiar with the statuary on your altar.

  29. Sure no problem. I am a medium and I work with a Brazilian religion called Umbanda it's a combination of Spiritism, Candomblé from Africa, Indigenous, Christian and eastern ideas. Umbanda works with energy manipulation through incorporation of various types of spirit guides to help people who need a consultation or have a spiritual issue.

  30. Oh cool. That's really i rereading, I'll have to look into it more. I love to learn about different religions and the views if the followers. Thanks! 😁🖤

  31. It looks to be the Lunala pendants. As another said they are found amongst Roman and Scandinavian/Germanic grave goods as well. I also believe they had to do with protective energies.

  32. Nothing is free. As someone suggested create a sigil to help you retain more of what you read and develop a servitor to help guide you to book that'll be useful to you. The next step though is actually reading those books and actually understanding them. Magic seldom, if ever, grants things for free. We still need to do the leg work so to speak to help our goals manifest.

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