GME 100% Utilization - Day 2 via Ortex

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  1. Fidelity's cost to borrow is currently 27.5%.

  2. Isn't this metric purely crap and useless? There's shares available to borrow everyday yet this metric stays util its 100%. op care to explain what this is for?

  3. 100% Utilization means that every share that is AVAILABLE to borrow, has been borrowed. So no, it's not purely crap and useless because it tells us that every share that is available to borrow is being borrowed. Every. Single. Day.

  4. Thank you for posting this daily! Even though it may seem like a useless metric to some, 100% utilization of borrowing/lending is probably greater than 100% and a fantastic piece of information displayed like a freak flag that this lovely stock is waaaaaaaaaay over-lent beyond its existing issued shares. Information asymmetry like this leads to big money moves. Not financial advice.

  5. Keep it up homie!! I had to hit the reset button but doesn’t mean we can’t keep track of the old score!!

  6. How is 99.52% considered 100%? Let's not manipulate the data.

  7. You’re mistaken, check GME short data on screenshot 6/8.

  8. Point taken, count restarted. I'm sure I'll still get some hate but whatever, just here to share the data with everyone. Going back to my vacation now.

  9. I’m so confused. Did we come down from 100% utilization?

  10. Jokes on me, had a 7 day free trial and forgot to cancel before the last day was up. Woke up to a nice charge on my CC and a one year subscription to Ortex, so, here I am.

  11. 😆 are you of the ADHD variety my fellow ape? I can attest this shit happens to me all the time

  12. This was this morning. It jumped after the screenshots

  13. IBKR CTB also shown in the screenshots. Screenshot 6/8, the GME Short Data, has IBKR info in bottom right corner, even when I took the screenshots it was shown at 124.33%. Currently still showing the same CTB only there are no shares left to borrow, at IBKR that is.

  14. Were these taken tis morning? Curious if they have updates the borrow rate since.

  15. Yes, if you look at the Short Data screenshots I took these all around 9:25 this morning. CTB from IBKR is shown at 124.33%. There were a couple posts yesterday asking about the overnight rise in CTB to 369% which did in fact happen (ya boy grabbed a screenshot of that just in case and I'll post it too if people want to see it). Currently no change in CTB from what you see in the screenshots.

  16. Another beautiful day for 100% utilization! 🌞🎷🐓♋️

  17. I find it interesting that cost to borrow is rising, but shares on loan isn’t yet. I’m assuming “shares on loan” just means shares shorted right?

  18. If that were the case then the two numbers would be the same, in this case, they're not. Shares on loan is currently 21.42m and shares short is currently 14.01m, a difference of 7.41m. So it's probably safe to assume that some of the loaned shares are used to short and some are used to cover other trades. No way to know for sure since its all hidden behind some dog shit, wrapped in cat shit, fuckery.

  19. There were no borrows at the time I took the screen shots.

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