1. It wouldn't shock me that whatever the train was transporting was either not supposed to be transporting or did not list what it was transporting.

  2. Only have one jersey, and it's the only one needed... #52 Mike Webster.

  3. Surely China did not expect this to go unnoticed. Most likely if military it was not meant to fly right over the middle of the US.

  4. Homeschooling and public funding of charter/private schools needs to stop right now.

  5. I get not wanting public funding of charter/private schools but why ban homeschooling?

  6. Well first did you see the link? Most home schooled kids are being taught by parents who can't add 1 + 1. I could be wrong, but I would bet home schooled kids get money from the state.

  7. Playoff win? Isn't the bar now set going 500 or better the standard?

  8. 3 to 4 years ago they didn't trade malkin or letang or both. Now you got what we got.

  9. But we get to see the big 3 play together. Enjoy. 🤐🙄

  10. The biggest issue, 3 to 4 years ago they didn't trade malkin or letang or both. Now you got what we got. It's no longer about wining Stanley cups it's about letting three guys play together for as long as they can because you're not going to be able to trade Malkin or Tang for anything now.

  11. Farscape as well as Earth Final Conflict needs a reboot right now.

  12. What the else can he say. The truth? KP is the next Baker Mayfield.

  13. Many varieties of duckweed are also edible, and even, as a new study from German and Indian scientists reveals, are so packed full of nutrients we're pretty sure we'll be seeing the word “superfood” associated with the plant.

  14. I love the pens I follow the pens since the mid-90s and it pains me to say when they refuse to trade the Tang or Malkin 3 to 4 years ago this is what happens

  15. Yea, playing 2 winning teams in the last 9 games happens.

  16. But hey at least Crosby, malkin, and letang are together. SMH

  17. Because we are now the Browns. Kenny is our Tim Couch.

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