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  1. I agree but it is also important to ask the non binary person. Some would consider a certain gender being attracted towards them to be straight, gay (doesn't have to be specifically the orientation but rather whether they consider the relationship to be gay attraction or not like how some non binary people consider a relationship with a woman gay and some non binary people would consider a relationship with a man to be gay or some non binary people do not consider a relationship with a binary gender to be similar to same gender relationships at all) or that the person has to be bi to be attracted to them.

  2. Even if bisexuality did not include attraction to enbies it doesn't necessarilly mean it is enbyphobic. That would be like calling gay men mysognists. It is only problematic if it acts like there is only two genders or views sex to be the same as gender. Which the label itself doesn't. Only transphobic people who use that label view it that way.

  3. Well supposedly this woman wrote some books and a name was mentioned, but I don't remember it.

  4. Was the book called "Gay Girl Good God" or something along that line?

  5. I would advice you check out skinpotlights.

  6. Sorry I was not trying to say trans is a gender. My whole point was that there are going to be differences between people of a certain identity and certain things don't make the less part of that identity such as having a different label attached than others of that identity i.e cis and trans people of a gender are using different labels attached to said gender but both are equally part of that gender.

  7. I think it is agree to disagree then. I think asexuality should be able to mean asexual spectrum same way as bi is inclusive of the more specific orientations that fall under it.

  8. In cannon they have a magical powder that makes them appear like humans. Piltover and Zaun are not Yordle friendly.

  9. Isn't that canon changed now? Although I am not too sure about that.

  10. Actually Vi is short for Violet. Unless this was being sarcastic.

  11. It is a joke based on her in-game version

  12. I just don’t see it as big of a deal and I’m fine with all pronouns

  13. Just realised they said they don't feel comfortable with their agab in their post.

  14. There was a time I questioned my gender and my feelings would change like every five seconds.

  15. It's kinda funny how u ask that question in the one subreddit where most ppl never have to deal with untwandted arousal

  16. Oh no a lot of aces have a lot of unwanted arousal here from my experience.

  17. This sub has lost all of it's meaning. It is supposed to highlight ''terrible Facebook memes'' as the name says but people only post political stuff that they disagree with, which is also a violation of rule no. 5: No ''opinion-based'' posts.

  18. and the title is "true...". OP is not even posting something they think is bad.

  19. The only way it is bad for you is because the world punishes you for it.

  20. Only buy a skin if you really want it.

  21. I don't wear a bra (my breasts are relatively small so I don't really need the support and it is just uncomfortable).

  22. Biromantic describes romantic orientation alone. Biro ace describes both the sexual orientation and romantic orientation.

  23. Warwick is already practically made (as we see at the end of ep9) so I would not agree with the "Wouldn't he rather try to bring Silco back?" line because since he was already working on Warwick for years before Silco died, it isn't a matter of choosing between the two.

  24. For me I just want them to patch the bugs like the mission tracking one that seems to be impacting a lot of people (I play on Steam. Don't really have another platform to play it on).

  25. As someone who has the game on multiple platforms. Let me just say the bugs are widely different it’s kind of funny tbh. Like there were so many small bugs on the switch, but on steam there were really major bugs that really effected gameplay while on the switch it was more like minor getting stuck bugs and items u get don’t always leave your inventory.

  26. I mentioned my platform because I mentioned the bugs elsewhere and a person replied asking what platform I used because they played on switch multiple times and had no bug.

  27. Place of birth or current residency?

  28. There is a League skinline called Project about characters turned robots (but most just look like humans with fancy gear).

  29. Is it just me but do the legs make no sense?

  30. At least I am not the only person with this twisted logic.

  31. There were some bangers. The best are prolly the spirit blossom ones, but the rest were so fucking forgettful.

  32. Not that I agree with them but the main arguement here isn't who actually did their job as a father but more about Powder's lack of reaction to Vander's death.

  33. For me they keep on going "Oh it's pointless" for character customisation like in Splatoon 3. So what? Whether you care for lgbt stuff or not it is more customisation for your character. You are complaining about getting more stuff for your game!

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