1. Heat up water in it then scrub. Get yourself a chain mail scrubber.

  2. The chain mail scrubber will change your life

  3. All of these people are the rank of Master or above so they know better.

  4. Brutal. Archangel is a great card. If you only have 1, wouldn’t hurt to use it ;)

  5. Great pull! I got The Amber Room! I was verrry shocked lol

  6. Haha This was one of those comments that caught me off guard in just the right way lol

  7. How long do you have to sit on cydonia to get it up that high? Are you using more than 4 space cards (I’m assuming boosted from PX)

  8. The second pic shows you are giving two reddish colored cards. Obviously the meter would move to a deeper red color as a result. #NotABug

  9. My suggestion would be to make friends with competitive players. Then you can look for a card you want that they may have and offer your yj for trade. It avoids the trading through posts

  10. My eyes are drawn to the Mallard card. Don’t know why I like that photo/card so much lol

  11. Now you're gonna make me start collecting Mallards. 😮‍💨😂

  12. Hahaha I may do the same. It’s such a good looking card!

  13. It’s great for low energy weeks when you want to play bigger cards. I’m sure there are other great options for alternative cards.. but I believe this one is on the rarer side

  14. Kinda interesting to see such a stark difference between such similar phrases as;

  15. I have 65 shields and am at 54th. Hope it holds for he next 4 hours. Worked so hard for this lol

  16. It held! I have the new icon (my first time in top 100). Contrast on your wins this week!

  17. I had 65 shields last night and was done. Hoped I’d hold the top 100 (I did) but I played more games last week than I ever have and probably won’t do that weekly. It’s tough

  18. Lady Bertilak.. La Bertilak… LaBerti… Liberty…. They got it right. You just have to read between the lines

  19. If you’ve been losing recently, they tend to be worse. If you’ve been on a winning streak, they pull out the big plays. You can usually notice by turn 3 placements of round buff cards like heimdall if they’re throwing. But I do know they copy real players decks and use those

  20. Saw several heimdals being thrown on turn 3 last night and knew it was bots 😂

  21. I just spent 4 Limilegs for this card so this hurts to see lol congrats! That’s the deal of a lifetime!

  22. Ha sounds like we’re on here more than we may have thought. I had no idea I spent that much time lol

  23. I just checked mines and I might have you beat by 600 hours. 😅

  24. Awesome idea! I hope you receive just as much love from the community as you are providing! Cheers and Happy Holidays!

  25. I took the trade, have a dupe arch I figured I could get my favorites back with

  26. To be honest, I’d recommend you keep both PX and Arch. They are the best cards in the game.

  27. As someone who just spent 2 Nazca and 2 other mythics for a Archangel, keep seeing what is out there. You may get better offers

  28. Ha great to hear! Glad to see you saw this post. I took your advice on my previous post to get another Naz so I could work my way to the Arch. It paid off! Thanks again!

  29. Imo this is pretty reasonable. I've seen a lot of valuations of Nazca sitting at 2 or 2.5 (more people having the lower value lately), toe around 1.5-2, and god particle at 1. While archangel is 7.5 ish

  30. Thanks for the advice! I took the trade. You have great input and discord seemed to support it as well. When dealing of trades of this magnitude I definitely want to be sure I’m doing the right thing. Cheers!

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