Vinland Saga Season 2 - Episode 4 discussion

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  1. I don’t understand how one can be CEO of five companies, and ignore four of them. Meanwhile, most of us have to work 40 hours a week at one company and get paid a pittance.

  2. The anti localisation shit is hysterical to me. How does every non-weeb find out about anime?

  3. These losers want anime to be their niche hobby without “the normies infesting it”

  4. It’s so funny cause Shoka became a fan favorite character for everyone that actually played the game

  5. Between these cornballs and the actual fucking Nazis in the Kanye subs, just delete the internet ong

  6. Pretty funny hearing that from Peggy he’s dissed pitchfork so many times in his songs lol

  7. Should of been axed after the Buffalo market shooting

  8. I never really watched this show as a kid is it actually like this lmao

  9. I would of fallen asleep in class

  10. Toby turner fell off so hard he’s such a loser now.

  11. All the csj extra tracks are great this one one of my faves

  12. Thorfinn’s va is fantastic those ptsd screams felt so raw and real

  13. Snagrets were really nerfed in pikmin 3 deluxe. I used to have to be a little careful, but now I don't even have to worry about losing a single pikmin.

  14. Isn’t there only 1 of them in the whole game? But yea winged Pikmin are broken against them

  15. So they would infringe on my first amendment right to use a pronoun to describe another person? Wild. We really are regressing as a country.

  16. Regression is what Republicans stand for

  17. Awesome prequel movie I hope we see Yuta again in season 2, still can’t believe that

  18. Well it’s a pretty advanced technique isn’t it? He was able to do it off the rip without even knowing while Yuji needed a few tries before he got it down.

  19. I’m surprised this person still talks to their scumbag of a father. What a vile loser your coworker is

  20. Some people think this is cringe but honestly there are like way worse names you could have chosen from media

  21. Peggy’s been independent sinced he dropped lp

  22. I really like dsm but saying it’s better than bbc is a bold statement lol

  23. It got popular and overplayed to shit

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