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  1. i'm still stunned the bucs lost to the browns of all teams. they were pathetic today. this should have been a 'gimme"

  2. Rule number one of being a Bucs fan - there is no such thing as a gimme game. In fact, gimme games for us are typically trap games. Rookie/Backup QBs? Weak teams? We play down to them all and somehow manage to lose.

  3. Honestly, my biggest wonder right now is what the fuck is wrong with our strength and conditioning coaches. They must be doing a really shit job, considering how brittle literally ALL OF OUR PLAYERS ARE.

  4. Uncharacteristically poor showing from Mikey.

  5. Get rid of Darden, McCollum, Smith, Bowles and Leftwich dude this team is suffering

  6. We need to replace Donovan Smith so badly - this dude is cheeks

  7. It's just the lighting - the coat of arms doesn't match Egypt. You can see the red-and-white checker of the šahovnica. It tracks because BB is Croatian-American.

  8. I don’t know, don’t really pay attention to the Pats that much

  9. Death taxes and the Lions ripping my fucking heart out every thanksgiving. Enjoy your turkey you fucking dickheads.

  10. This is the price you pay for being a Lions fan.

  11. Yeah, well, the 2002 Buccaneers had Rich Bisaccia, Raheem Morris and Mike Tomlin.

  12. are you using 2 seperate power cables on the card? Be sure not to use a Y-Connector.

  13. Not using any splitters, just the normal PCIe cable that came w/ the PSU. They're not two distinct cables, though? I've got an EVGA 850W PSU, so plenty of headroom for a GPU like the 6800 XT.

  14. oh.. one more idea.. is the bios switch ON THE CARD on the second position?

  15. I made 100% sure that the high-perf BIOS is turned on

  16. Uncooked Tofurkey, toasting with avocado champagne mimosas with rim coated in TB12 Citrus flavored pre-work out, stretching. Hopefully gets some family time.

  17. Nah that dude ate PDQ on the flight to Germany. His ass about to have turkey for the first time since 2007.

  18. Mo Lewis broke Bledsoe’s spleen to give us Tom Brady. It’s all Mo’s fault.

  19. Mo Lewis must be the most hated man in the whole Northeast.

  20. I'm looking at all 32 teams and honestly can't name one starter that I'd say Winston is better than. Winston is hilariously atrocious.

  21. Winston comes back in 2023 to the Bucs and throws for 7,000 yards, 50 TDs and 55 INTs 😏

  22. I’m not even a Bucs fan but y’all’s sub shows up in my feed. I just gotta say that your creamsicle uniforms are the best. I’m a Phillies fan and the creamsicles are on par with our powder blues as some of the best throwbacks in major sports.

  23. Looks like I'm going to go back to firing my cannons

  24. A defensive lineman that hasn't played a snap of football in almost a year.

  25. Hottest take? Misery Business is mid. The only reason people fawn over it is because it was the soundtrack to their boring ass late 2000s high school experience and nothing else.

  26. Do you know if it’s possible if I were to reset my phone back to factory settings, could I go back to the original iOS like iOS 15 or the earlier iOS 16?

  27. You can do an IPSW restore with a signed firmware. Apple still signs some 15.x firmwares IIRC

  28. Let's just start using Hey Hey Tampa Bay again. The full on disco version. That shit bangs.

  29. The direct snap to Leonard Fournette that they tried to throw to Tom Brady which was airmailed and underthrown for an INT

  30. And so he joins Chris Conte in the shadow realm

  31. I wonder what he said, I'm sure the refs hear all kinds of shit but to get DQ"d it must have been fucked up.

  32. He’s not DQed. He has to get another unsportsmanlike

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