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  1. With tip $40. Yea $10 more than a chain. But $10 more every few weeks that is going to a locally owned and operated business rather than a national chain. Raphael's Barber Lounge in Branford. Great group of people.

  2. I'm not 100% sure but I feel like when my son was born in 2018 we went to the town hall to get a physical copy of his birth certificate and it wasn't mailed automatically. I could be wrong but that's what I remember and also gave birth at Hartford hospital for what it's worth.

  3. I feel like with both my kids I got one thing in the mail automatically and I know I went to town hall both times to get the other. Whether it was social security card or birth certificate for which one was mailed....I can't remember. If I had to bet, social security card was mailed and I went to get birth certificate.

  4. Yes. If you find something, it's planted. If I lose, it's rigged. Round and round we go.

  5. They aren't upset. Living in an alternate reality, all is good.

  6. Lots of areas in this state are underground. Not entire towns but a lot of the newer homes and developments are. So much easier when I’m backing into driveways

  7. Neighborhoods I get. But just thought back to my trips to St Augustine over the years. They don't have the lines running along bridges like we do. Really takes away from crossing a bridge and seeing the water views. I can't believe I never realized this about FL.

  8. Well I imagine because they get far more hurricanes than we do

  9. But not the St Augustine/ Jacksonville area. It's a running joke that they survived the hurricane and they post a picture of a lawn chair that fell over. But then again, probably a statewide thing rather than county.

  10. This is the first time a person was able to make breaking down a bone-in-shoulder look unappetizing in this sub.

  11. Lol. You two must like cnn. Watch out for those monkey pox. Mask your butts.🤣

  12. When you make videos, you should be looking at the camera. Not the ceiling.

  13. No help from me, sorry. My mom spent my whole childhood making inedible beef back ribs. I never want to even attempt to do them right on my own. If you pick up short or plate, I will gladly lend some advice.

  14. Whatever the case, definitely not gifted at batting or pitching

  15. Are you blind? The lane you think OP should be turning into is a left turn lane to get onto the highway (or whatever road) in the opposite direction OP got off from. There’s a giant white arrow pointing left on it…. The only reason OP would use it is to “U turn” back onto the opposite direction.

  16. You are clearly unfamiliar with this type of setup. This isn't an off ramp. This is a regular road that runs along the highway. At the beginning of the video, you see a vehicle taking the far left turn lane. That lane is for the on-ramp to the highway. The lane OP should have turned onto is to take a left turn onto the same road they are on, just running in the other direction. These are very popular where I lived in Texas. Never saw this setup prior to living there.

  17. No, you are clearly just the very type of person this subreddit describes. Two lanes exit the freeway able to turn left, into two lanes that are able to continue straight on that road. OP has the option to take the left turn lane if desired, but the left OF THE TWO LANES CONTINUING STRAIGHT, is OPs right of way. The RIGHT of those two lanes is the lane the RIGHT of the two exiting left turn lanes has to maintain. I know, difficult concept to grasp.

  18. I think you have been triggered. OP did not exit a highway. They are driving down a road that continuously follows the highway. You are explaining a completely different situation.

  19. Dog acted like a straight up bro that got scared.

  20. Is the prisoner wearing a MAGA hat??? I'm confused.

  21. Freeze for the wife. She either makes some awesome soup with them or throws them in her next chili.

  22. I don't know if you like split pea soup, but I always hated it. Wife used rib bits in the split pea.....holy shit. Game changer.

  23. Where in MD? I had some pretty good pit beef subs when I lived near Baltimore. Unless you find a mom n pop shop that is from up here.....Sheetz is your main option. Subs down south just aren't the same as CT.

  24. Most of them honestly. It’s rare to be wowed by any place. Occasionally you’ll get a place that’s pretty good but more often it’s just alright but not significantly better or worse than most other places.

  25. I have lived in 7 states for long enough to enjoy the majority of their local cuisine. If there was a 50 state ranking of overall restaurant quality outside of nationwide chains, I would bet the bank CT is top 5 if not top 3.

  26. Congrats, you just turned it into the #1 hipster joint.

  27. Milford, woodmont neighborhood. Would normally keep it a secret. But I want others to enjoy this.

  28. A bunch. Prices have gone way up since COVID. Golfnow.com is always nice if you can get a hot deal. Timberline in Berlin is one of my favorites. Still have good prices and course is in pretty good shape.

  29. If I win and you drive the speed limit in the third lane, I will pay someone to tow your car into the long island sound.

  30. Unfortunately for him, bad beats have to include both whole cards. Most casinos have bad beat jackpots. Several thousands awarded to those that got beat, the one the beat, and everyone at the table. But both whole cards need to be included. Looks like both of the players only used one whole card.

  31. Well shit...I don't think I have ever seen it spelled out. Woulda never guessed it was hole.

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