1. As others have said, Sadie is traditionally a nickname for Sarah but I also think it could work for Sidney, Isadora, Seraphina, Maisy, Daisy and Mercedes. Some of these are a stretch but I wouldn’t question it if I met someone with these names that went by Sadie!

  2. It's a salad involving orange jell-o in parts of the US.

  3. Where I’m from it’s green jello, cool whip, pineapple chunks and marshmallows

  4. That's watergate salad, and its made with pistachio pudding, not green jell-o. It's my potluck go-to and I add crushed pecans to mine.

  5. Good to know! A local family favorite restaurant has it labeled as ambrosia salad on their menu and you’re right, it’s green jello pudding mix (pistachio) not gelatin jello.

  6. Awww! I actually think it's kind of strange for people to be annoyed when they meet a dog that has the same name as they do. I always feel like it's sort of an honor! And obviously a dog named Molly is going to be super-duper-triple adorable! ;)

  7. The home daycare I went to as a kid had a dog with the same name as me. I still think about it and love it.

  8. Valor Vox (B), Moxie Moon (G), Jubilee Geneviève (G)

  9. Okay, just have to say that Moxie Moon is adorable

  10. I mean, prince Charles was 31 and Diana was 19 when they were engaged…

  11. What about the series did you like if you didn’t like the romance? Ie what do you want more of

  12. I liked everything including the romance, I’m just looking for something that’s a little less spicy. I loved the strong female characters and the relationships between the characters. I loved the depth of the magical world and all the creatures.

  13. I just wanted to come back here and thank you again for your recommendations. I’m almost done with Spinning Silver and love it! This is exactly what I was looking for. Can’t wait to read the rest on your rec list.

  14. Have you looked into a local library? Literally countless books at your fingertips for free.

  15. I'm big on collecting books for my personal library, hence the dilemma.

  16. Totally understand. I, too, am a big collector of books. I tend to borrow from the library first and if there is a book that I’m still thinking about a few months after finishing and am itching to read again then I’ll buy it for the collection. Thrift books is a good option for affordable books!

  17. Could it have something to do with society standards of manly men not showing emotions and boys being told to bottle up their feelings. Poor emotional intelligence and regulation leads to some pretty scary things.

  18. Cornelia is the first thing that comes to mind and it’s an adorable name without being a stretch to make it an honor name.

  19. Maude is cool. Reminds me of the actress Maude Apatow. Blythe is not one I’ve heard as a name before. It sounds like the name of an old haunted mansion.

  20. So funny you say that. I fell in love with the movie ‘Harold and Maude’ when I was younger and Maude has always been a name that stuck with me. Leslie Mann named her daughter, Maude apatow, after that movie too! I was introduced to the name Blythe in Highschool when I worked on our school’s production of ‘blithe spirit’ which is about a haunting. I loved the name then and people thought I was crazy but I still really like it. There was also ‘the haunting of bly manor’ which could also lend to those haunted mansion vibes

  21. As a vegan, I refuse eggs because of the abuse within the modern egg industry. If I were to have my own flock of back yard chickens who I know are well cared for and can see for myself, then I would consider eating their eggs. But there are other reasons to consider.

  22. In Danish Jade is and old word for boob hæhæhæ

  23. I have a mother/daughter in my family with the same name and mom goes by full name, michaeleen and daughter goes by Mikey. Not a huge fan of the spelling but the name is nice for an honor name for Michael.

  24. My sisters name is Adia, never made the Nadia connection

  25. As a Jade who was almost named Indigo, Im a sucker for color names. If my son was a daughter, they would have been Violet. We also liked Hazel, Olive, Marigold and Clementine

  26. Hope he’s into chess and can become grandmaster flash

  27. The “a” sound pronounced like in apple. Paa-jit I suppose

  28. All my years of French lessons and I’ve been saying it paj-shey assuming it’s French 😅

  29. As above, so below? There isn’t a predominate blue light per se but the stones in the headlamps looks a little blue.

  30. On a similar note, ‘catacombs’ had a similar blue light effect with the stones and flashlights

  31. I knew an Inga. She was a good hearted woman so the name has very positive connotations for me. The way the name looks is strange to me, but that’s a personal problem on my end. I think the name sounds really nice.

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