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  1. This disorder is the only one I literally recommend experimenting with drugs for. I have been diagnosed and my avoidance gets pretty severe...but add in pretty much any substance and I’m magically different. Could be because I’m also bipolar, could be the substances themselves. Martin Kantor writes about avpd and he said if it weren’t for all the negatives about it, alcohol would be the best treatment for avpd. It’s nuts, but man it’s true. I’m writing this right now because I’ve had like 5 glasses of shitty wine. Oh and I’m pretty high too.

  2. It sucks man… cuz I have epilepsy and can’t even drink or experiment without seizure risk, I can only do benzos

  3. You’ll be fine don’t worry. I did the same thing. Antibiotics fixed me right up. Just maybe try being more careful. I’ll try too lol

  4. Well I lie a lot to spare people’s feelings, and that’s made my life a living hell...

  5. Dude. Life has been throwing it at me hard (like, broke down literally 5 DoorDash nights in a row for different reasons so I can’t pay my bills hard) but I’m still here and hanging in. Still in single digits shares after 84 years which is kinda pathetic but maybe one day soon I’ll catch a break!

  6. They tried to cancel D&D in the 80s and violent video games in the 90s. They’ve always been the snowflakes.

  7. This is exactly why I actually explain avpd to people I start to get close to. My family will never get it but new people seem to appreciate knowing why my behavior is a little different to say the least.

  8. What if Kendrick didn’t wish his dick were as big as the Eiffel Tower so he could fuck the world for 72 hours?

  9. Interestingly, chipotle is the only restaurant I’ve found that’s cheaper on DoorDash

  10. The reference material comes in two parts.

  11. I also love his care and attention in the way he slowed himself before scooping the boy up.

  12. I got a sweet gig doing delivery for a restaurant. I don’t get hourly, I get $6 a delivery cash and keep all the tips. It’s 30 seconds from my house, so if it’s not busy I can hang out at home and show up when called. I make about 800 a month average being on call 8 hours a week. Better than Uber or skip imo. See if other restaurants are looking for delivery drivers.

  13. I used to do this for a Chinese restaurant. Chilled at home & they called me for deliveries on slow nights. It’s a rare gig, but I’d snag it again.

  14. That crescendo at the end tho, the storytelling...have you read the lyrics while listening? Idk man I don’t see mid anywhere

  15. I can only see someone crying at Auntie Diaries if they are part of said audience or if they’re really trying to make themselves cry 💀. Cause if you’re not let of said group you really tryna make yourself feel that way 😭

  16. Do you not know anyone that has been “hated by God”? Do you not understand the concept of someone standing up for you and reinforcing the fact that you deserve to exist? Hmm.

  17. He wrote it when he was younger about not wanting to go to grandmas. It’s the song I introduce nirvana to my kids with!

  18. Hold on this isn’t normal? Lol kidding...I’m the same way though. I think it’s because if something were a big enough deal for me to actually say something, I’d hope the other person remembered. That feeling of shame or embarrassment or failure or whatever it is that creeps in every time you get a spoon...I feel it. Why are we like this lol

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