1. Would recommend installing Arch to a vm or USB with persistence and run in a vm. Learn the core linux utilities and administrative tools you can that are included with Arch.

  2. This is odd. Of course Arch isn't a skill.

  3. Dude, I gave the upvote. We're both old. That's what I call it as well....

  4. I think it’s more so the slight arrogance that the OP posts with, Like omg the new hire doesn’t now what x is.

  5. I don't think we read the same post. But you do you.

  6. Some older machines mostly laptops limited to 8gb of ram. Occasionally these systems could use 16gb but need a bios update.

  7. I found out the problem i need a new motherboard, one of my ram slots broke

  8. What motherboard do.you have and how did you determine that was the issue?

  9. Maybe time to Look at proxmox or Openstack...

  10. i have the same issue ... nothing works no bios update no drivers update. did you ever solve it?

  11. Not sure what you mean here. You have two questions going.

  12. can it also show model and serial? and type of interface and current speed/mode?

  13. I'm not aware of a graphical way to do this, however, you can try the following commands if you know the device names

  14. Arch Linux. Mainly because of the following reasons.

  15. by vanilla packages; do you mean core? or everything in the supported repos?

  16. OP makes some valid points. I'm going to take a left turn, that hopefully helps some frustrated users.

  17. You're comparing water to a computer operating system. Think about that one for a second.

  18. Yes, b/c it's less stressful than bikeshedding.

  19. In case you were wondering, it's a Forrest Tent Caterpillar.

  20. it has a proprietary 6 pin instead of a 24 pin. It will do eight cores but i doubt it will do anything past ryzen 2000 as OEM parts are shit when it comes to bios updates.

  21. I see a four pin for the cpu. But yea, I doubt if HP bothered to put out a bios for current cpus or anything four core because the cases are quite small and not much room for more cooling.

  22. Looks like a test sample due to missing Caps on the under side.

  23. We didn't buy Linux licensing and I can connect to mine with the builtin VPN software in fedora.

  24. What's the default VPN client/gui for Fedora?

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