Canadian bill would fine workers $4,000 for each day they strike

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  1. Canada's conservatives must have a humiliation kink. I see no other rational explanation for their behaviour

  2. Wouldn't be surprised if the Caucus fires Ford before he has the opportunity to stand down.

  3. I voted NDP and I accept Doug Ford has both the physical appearance and IQ of a timbit. But I'm not a partisan hack to misrepresent constitutional law to attack him. That's my only gripe, people shouldn't be lying about section 33. If you disagree with the policy aim (circumventing fair labour negotiations), then say that. Don't make up baloney about section 33 (not you per se, everyone else on reddit)

  4. Unfortunately I don't think these legal/intellectual arguments hold weight anymore. Just look at the reaction of the public. Canadians are sending a very clear message that they view its usage is illegitimate.

  5. I wish what you said was true -- it'd be great if there were political consequences. But I think you're conflating the message in the NDP bubble with that of the mainstream. The mainstream doesn't care (yet). The mainstream don't want to find childcare tomorrow or take time off work so that a small group gain more than a 2% raise. Maybe that'll change, but I wouldn't bet on it.

  6. I've talked to parents in real life, I've been active with parents on social media. They're universally condemning Doug Ford. Even the PC voters. He doesn't have much sympathy from that crowd. I really don't think there's any saving Ford at this point.

  7. Lead the way my dude. Most people just need one person to follow.

  8. I'm with you guys. I will be down at Queen's Park on Friday. I hope everyone else will join us.

  9. Doug Ford doesn't understand that the just lit a wildfire that will consume him.

  10. You do understand what a vote of no confidence is right? Are you saying that the OPC should hold a confidence vote and defeat themselves?

  11. If they weren't cowards, they would put our constitutional rights and freedoms ahead of partisanship.

  12. The Government of Ontario is engaging in an attack of all Canadians. An attack on our democratic rights. An attack on our fundamental freedoms. An attack on our right to demand a livable wage! An attack on everything it means to live in a free and democratic society.

  13. Doug Ford should be very afraid. Ontarians will not stand down. We will win.

  14. Like it or not, provinces better represent their population than the federal government does. If a provincial premier is doing something their local population doesn't like, they vote for someone else. The country is too large and diverse to have an all encompassing government to be impartial for everyone.

  15. That's curious. Last I checked, the provinces were the only one taking away our rights.

  16. These are the rights they're stripping away. Please share!

  17. These are the fundamental rights and freedoms they're suspending

  18. I don't support it. How's that? But I also didn't support it when Trudeau did it and froze people's bank accounts. Unfortunately, this is just the way governments in Canada work now. What's good for the truckers is good for CUPE, and it affects far fewer people, too.

  19. >Unfortunately, this is just the way governments in Canada work now.

  20. Imagine being this naive. Suspending our rights to protect the children. That's the oldest trick in the book.

  21. Well head to our time machine to 1980 when this was being negotiated and try to convince the PM and the Premiers it isnt necessary.

  22. Nah. We'll just normalize the PM using his power to defend the rights and freedoms of Canadians.

  23. Swear to god there must be something in the water in Toronto that makes people hopelessly cynical.

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