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  1. When I was a kid I was reckless and clumsy but never cried until I saw blood. I could have been bleeding for ten minutes without noticing and been fine until I noticed

  2. I crashed my bike once and was legit bleeding for like 10 minutes in the ride home. Let my mom know I fell, we lifted my shirt and once I saw the blood is when the pain and tears came 😂

  3. Amen. They fight well, but when you hold them they sound like a ketchup bottle being squeezed. Even more annoying are creek chubs, since they make the same noise but don’t fight as hard

  4. Isn’t that you squeezing the swim bladder too hard? I’m no fish expert, this is just what I was taught. However….. I was taught this with mackerel.

  5. I’m always careful about holding fish, so I try not to hold them too hard. That being said, chubs seem to have zero bone structure so it might be that I’m squeezing the bladder, even though I’m not holding the fish too tightly.

  6. Ooh interesting. Again this is just something I was told YEEEAAAARRRRRSSSS ago lol but when you said ketchup bottle it’s exactly what came to mind (:

  7. Luckily I did not, just ruined my favorite shirt.

  8. Did you keep the shirt as a reminder of the time you almost died or is this just a regular Tuesday for you? Lol

  9. Some places have toasters that are like conveyer belts, meaning they can either put the bagel through once or twice, they don't choose how long. Once is normal, twice is usually burnt...

  10. The one at my place you can speed up the belt and mess with the heat.

  11. Punishing the wrong person lol dudes girl the one who did him dirty.

  12. Exactly, and judging by the way he looked shortly after, that guy probably has brain damage. Now he's going to prison because his gf wanted to kiss other guys, congratulations.

  13. Always read the title kids lol I spent too many seconds trying to figure out what the dog did 😅

  14. Beat me to it lol was gonna say “doesn’t look very icy” 😂

  15. Let me know if it's a worthwhile addition to the machine. I have a smm2 with just the normal coolant.

  16. Well, we’ve had it for over a year and this is the first time I’m really using it. I don’t do much tapping though. Everything else I just run coolant. I’ll definitely check back in though once I get it figured out lol

  17. https://www.haascnc.com/service/service-content/guide-procedures/mill---m-codes.html

  18. I must have missed that. I swear I was all over HAAS website today lol everything must have blurred together at some point 😂😂

  19. Awesome to hear ❤️❤️😊 and Thank you very much man 😁.

  20. That’s amazing. Even your stick figures got mine beat 😂😂

  21. Respect bro. I see you posted the Insta I’ll def be giving you a follow ✌️

  22. You call that high? I was wondering where gas was still this cheap!

  23. But it’s higher in Canada. Like $6 something in average.

  24. Lol my son gets constant nose bleeds, but even he would agree that dude got FUXKED UP!

  25. Jeweler’s loop. Good tool for a close up view on trichomes.

  26. I’m brand new to all this but I think the one I got was 30 or 40x. Amazon has a bunch of options.

  27. Lol thanks. That’s my problem now is I looked on Amazon and had a million different options lol

  28. In summation your claim is that he knew he was pushing a car but he was not doing it on purpose.. so he accidentally pushed a car that he was fully aware he was pushing? Also jfc blind spots my guy

  29. I’m saying he knew and was slowing down. Obviously you’ve never been in/driven a semi or you’d know they don’t stop like regular cars do.

  30. It is a blind spot, believe me. Source : I drive firetrucks with the same type of cabin. You can easily hide a car there. It is something they bring up during training and certifications. And it happens way more often than you think.

  31. So you’re telling me that when this guy got in, he didn’t notice the car parked there?

  32. Lol I just pull through slow like them because I have the right away.

  33. Haha, brad’s going with charlie, billy doesn’t have a shot in hell.

  34. So Danny was telling the truth all along?! He really isn’t holding him captive!

  35. Lol so I lied. It must be just steel because a magnet sticks to it. But no idk what kind >.<

  36. Austenitic stainless is nonmagnetic such as 200 and 300 series like 304/316. Ferritic are magnetic such as 400 series.

  37. Then maybe stainless because it hasn’t rusted? Lol idk my metals like that yet

  38. Where you getting $100 oz? Lol I get mine for $50-$75 😅

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