1. This is truly the moment (r/)when the moment happened.

  2. Fucking blender wouldn't let me render the scene. So i just recorded it. Take that liberals.

  3. I kicked a dude's dog and he got angry and started swearing. Like such a drama queen bruh. πŸ™„

  4. It's so fucking unreal to see him go from reviewing other people's intros to literally helping thousands of people see for the 1st time. Truly a great man.

  5. I love Mr Beast so much I even practice bestiality 😍😍

  6. Reddit auto deletes comment with a lot of swear words and posts from people with low karma to "prevent spam and toxicity" . But you still get the notification. That is why.

  7. POV: you're a citizen in Nagasaki circa 1945 and you look at the sky

  8. The people trapped in my basement VS Stockholm Syndrome.

  9. Many word ewwy 🀒🀒🀒🀒🀒🀒 won't read gross letter your not better than me just because big wordlong word op 😑😑😑 me no read big word long word i hate you op.

  10. You sound like the type of guy that would guy in the when we the when uhh. Take that athiests.

  11. He seems to be having fun and he's getting paid. I see it as a win win.

  12. I appreciate the flattery, but this isn't yours. This is someone else's video and I know who made the original. Please dont steal

  13. Bruh. It's a meme. Memes are meant to be shared. I would've shared the name of OP if I knew. I just found it on discord and thought this would fit the sub.

  14. Did zote ever get in the boat and say it's boating time?

  15. Me when I'm in a being alive competition and my opponent is Godzilla. I won because Godzilla had a stroke and fucking died after reading this caption

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