1. Well I would first suggest that you talk about this with each other and establish a set of rules/boundaries. Then you could try to find a swinger club near you and go check it out. Not sure if you're active on Facebook but there's also swinger groups on there you could probably join. Some really suck and others are great for newbies

  2. bi couple in york area here. DM if you'd like

  3. I agree. That's literally the only reason I never went to college. Mom wouldn't help me with financial aid stuff that I needed to do before even enrolling but would then throw a fit because I wasn't either working or going to school full time

  4. Can't speak for others but in my family it definitely seems like learned behavior. My mother and a few of her siblings are very much alike with the narcissistic behavior and family functions, if they even happen, usually end up in someone bringing something up from the past then a huge argument/ fight. My siblings and I, along with a few of our cousins, have vowed to break the cycle but it's definitely tough.

  5. I know plenty of cis that know what respect is so this definitely isn't "literally every" one of them. However I do understand the point that it does get annoying when people ask then still to the opposite of what we request

  6. Omg same! I've always hated taking selfies and being in pictures in general but now after realizing my true self I love taking selfies and showing my supportive friends my true self

  7. MF couple here in southern PA(York county)

  8. Both lol but that yellow flower one is super cute

  9. Yes there's alot of trans that don't get bottom surgery. It doesn't change the fact that you identify as a different gender than that which you were assigned at birth.

  10. Sounds like a terrible place to work. If you're in the US they can't tell you what to wear unless it's a specific dress code due to safety. But they can't tell you that you have to dress masculine/feminine.

  11. Not due to safety but "men can't wear makeup" is in their dress code, and it's obvious what there opinions are.

  12. Yea that sounds like a terrible company to work for. Hopefully you can find something much better

  13. Awesome! Are you gonna get the Foil or Standard cards? I'm seriously on the fence.

  14. Well I just found them, regular is $40 and foil is $50. Only $10 difference so I'm definitely getting the foil lol

  15. Depends on the price tbh. I love foils so if I can swing it I'll definitely get them

  16. Thanks, it was love at first sight!

  17. I absolutely love that style of dress. I'm still pretty new so IDK what the different styles are called lol.

  18. I don’t really know either lol, my closest guess is an a-line polka dot😂

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