My 21 Evora GT at the Hudson Yards NYC

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  1. I have a little check list in my notes app for this and check it off as I go before a track day:

  2. Check with insurance, when you blow up the engine, will they cover it ?

  3. Not surprising at all, we’ve seen all the tesla models shooting up in price over the past couple years.

  4. How many runs did you get to do? I looked up your event and it seemed like there was only 80 people.

  5. 8 runs (4 practice first, then 4 timed) but they allow free running afterwards

  6. Must be nice. The events here in Texas have 150+ people and you barely get 5 runs.

  7. Honestly, I love both. A 2014 GT500 is one of the most scary looking, beautiful cars ever imo.

  8. Probably the new Ford GT, it literally has the Ecoboost V6 from the F150.

  9. Considering my dream car is a lotus Evora, not important at all.

  10. Don’t delete the mufflers and the resonator. It’s gonna sound awful.

  11. I mean don’t delete them both. Deleting the mufflers is okay, but don’t ALSO delete the resonator. You will regret it

  12. The only main concern I had with getting an Evora 400 was that there's not any that are near me and I'd have to look out of state for one. If I were to look out of state, would I need to fly out to the state and check it out in person or is there usually another way to get it checked out?

  13. If you’re buying a $70,000-$80,000 car, I’m sure you can find the time to fly out of state and check one out.

  14. The Ecoboost isn’t the car if you’re tryna push massive HP numbers and race in a straight line. Get a GT, you can hit those numbers with very few mods.

  15. Evora 400/GT. They look so unique, and are easily the most raw, true sports car you can get that is also daily drivable, has a good interior, AC, 4 seats (for storage), etc.

  16. I’m actively saving up and doing everything I can to be able to afford an Evora 400 within a few years. And every day I’m worried that the evoras will increase in value. I mean there has only ever been 6000 evoras made, it’s bound to happen. I feel like I’m fighting against time here.

  17. I'd also add the way Ford fucked up IMSA racing with their sand bagging bullshit.

  18. Can you elaborate a little more on this please, sounds interesting to know.

  19. I’ve put 17,000 miles in the 10 months I’ve owned my car. I don’t even commute to work lol.

  20. Honestly does it matter. These metrics are affected by too many things, whatever car feels best for you to drive is the best car for you.

  21. Not yet, While I'm in there I want to rebuild/replace the transmission while I'm at it and haven't settled on a solution yet.

  22. Oof, how long has it been sitting, and what solutions have you been debating?

  23. It's been sitting for a little over 2 months now. Jubu racing has an incredible trans/clutch combo but costs 16k euro base and adding in some extra bits like differential brings it to around 22k usd. Tempting but so expensive. MonkeyWrench has parts to rebuild/upgrade the transmission and clutch and it would be all in a lot less money but not as high quality.

  24. Yeah that’s quite expensive, but if you plan on keeping the car forever, it’s probably worth it.

  25. So... Police beating the shit out of a guy that catcalled a girl is... Civilized...

  26. Conveniently ignore that I said “catcalled and harassed” and not just “catcalled”

  27. Ohhh she was "harassed" well an ass beating is indeed required as every civilized country would say!

  28. Well, he probably learned his lesson so I’m not complaining.

  29. from Europe I'd say that the US cars are enormous (why so many pick-ups?)

  30. Because our roads and parking lots are enormous too lmao

  31. and you need space for all the cup holders I guess ;)

  32. Yes sir. 2 McDonald’s cups in my car at all times.

  33. Try autocross, it’s cheap and very accessible. If you don’t like it then you don’t like it, but there’s no loss in trying it.

  34. My 2020 Ecoboost is pretty “dumb” and I love it. None of that “lane keep assist” crap, no beeping when I do something wrong, physical buttons for everything, normal gauges, etc. Mine is the base model + the 8 inch screen. So I still have CarPlay but everything else is pretty basic.

  35. I do what most don't with this car. Daily and track it. 16k+ in a hair over a year plus 6 track days, goldfish, crumbs, Cheerios from the kids in the back seats... No complaints!

  36. The only way to have a proper Lotus

  37. Nice. I plan on getting an Evora and driving it the way you do. Every day, track, and autocross. I’ll probably be putting at least 15-20k miles a year and I was a little worried that the manual transmission wouldn’t be able to handle that.

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