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  1. He looks adorable but also has a somewhat menacing aura at the same time.

  2. He's a little devil. One of the few nights he was somewhat chill.

  3. Last week I've also worked on my Assasin COC and these are my thoughts:

  4. TBH your left Ring is quite crappy IMO, except dex :D You can get a massive accuracy boost there, with T1 accuracy and catalysts enhancing attack, you can get at least 500-550 accuracy (or global %). It should not be so expensive. But I see you upgraded your build and now accu should be fine :D

  5. Yeah thanks on the info. Did change a few things around and got to 100% hit chance. Now to get better jewels and saving towards watchers eye with crit and es on hit and maybe later to change the chest instead of additional curse to get attack crit aswell. Then should be able to change the gem.

  6. Well what just happened, got rolled back, lost fragment of shaper and now I opened forge of phoenix map, went in Latency at 0. No mobs moving around, my friend sees them moving around. Rip phoenix map...

  7. So i'm at home and it seems that I got things working with the xmp profile that set it to 3200mhz automatically. The only things I changed are:

  8. Alright. First off running the thaipoon burner showed me that my ram was indeed bdie but i suspect since the timings arent that great that its not a good bdie.

  9. Not bad! I myself have been trying to collect the blue essence required to do this aswell, have about 50k blue essence saved up and a lot of champion shards that are still needed. Still need about 15 more and I'm done aswell. Must have felt good! :D

  10. Well thank you for your feedback, yes we do plan on commenting do make it more interesting. Still learning all of that :)

  11. You crazy bastard, you did it! Actually impressed I'm struggling to do +10 with a team and this dude does it solo.

  12. It is the first time ever that I am able to play a game on the release date and I'm so excited for today. Good luck my friends! and most of all enjoy what Bungie has to offer.

  13. There are only two weeks left for Uldir, and other than a few pugs that will usually just do the first two bosses in Mythic, you won't have much luck finding a good group that will be patient in you learning the mechanics of mythic fights. Like someone already stated, most guilds have spent the last 2-3 months progressing week by week learning each fight and wiping 1k+ times overall...to just bring in a fresh tank and expect them to clear or even get to Zul is asking a lot. Also, the first Horde guild that comes up on your server is #263 on the server alone, and they are only 1/8...you should either transfer realms to a more horde populated server, or faction change (depending on how much you want to stay horde).

  14. Server transfer would be way too expensive since I have 3 chars that are already 120 and one soon to be 120 aswell :/

  15. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/silvermoon/Arcticblood#partition=2&difficulty=4&bybracket=1

  16. You are not being harsh at all. This is why I have come to here to get more information on what I'm doing wrong or what should I do next to get to progress for Mythics.

  17. Is it intended that having a message in a bottle in your inventory and then interacting with it will offer you a 5% xp boost or if you cancel that and interact with it again will offer you 10% chance to catching fish.

  18. What spot did you get the bottle from?

  19. It was a fun event. Might not know a few answers or was fast enough but that's what it was all about.

  20. So, people, if you were around ardy lodestone/fishing guild, they know. Someone else wrote it earlier. Some people suggested logging in a bounty hunter world, that should move you to edgeville, but obviously beware.

  21. Managed to fix the problem by reinstalling the game.. Do you know what caused this problem?

  22. Hmm. I was really laggy in Edgeville but didn't get a freeze. Let me try Ardougne.

  23. Still can't seem to get by the black screen that torments me now that I log in..

  24. Your Game Depth is Early. Just letting you know so you dont have any misconceptions about the progression of the game and your account. GL

  25. I have a question about leveling a character for the second time. I dont have a lot of experience with the leveling period from act 1-10 since I always just level one character. Right now im building a EK inquisitor and I seem to struggle a bit with the damage to bosses( i have a tabula aswell) In my mind it seems that I need some more single target damage but got no clue what to level besides EK. Got any tips on what uniques should I use to make the act 1-10 content go faster? I seem to be a bit slow on that. What single target spells to use?

  26. I would be interested why you picked EK for Inquisitor. This class is great for ele crit casters, but EK by default deals pure phys dmg. You will need to convert EK's dmg type to ele types (possibly with Avatar of Fire), because otherwise the only way you can scale base dmg is by mods "spell dmg" and "phys dmg", which both Templar has almost none.

  27. I convert 100% of my physical damage to elemental.

  28. Death Plateau is a reworked quest, so you probably need to do the new version before you can do Desert Treasure.

  29. How come they make us redo the quest if it's already completed before?

  30. In reality, it's a new quest with an adjusted storyline to match in with the Burthorpe/Taverley rework that happened a few years ago now. Just has the same name, and some elements of the old quest.

  31. Oh well, thank you for the quick response!:)

  32. Rsn: Liiga Magus Prize: bonds for that membership :3

  33. Was this the party room drop event on world 99? I put 100k in the chest and got 14 Afros! Had loads of fun just chatting to the other people who attended... It wasn't about the drops.

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