1. Blind Willy Johnson It's nobody's fault but mine. It's from 1927

  2. I love this, I've always been fascinated by glass! I've been watching the show "blown away" on Netflix, it's really cool! I'm also an artist and the only thing I would say as a possible critique is sometimes less is more, I know how hard it is to know when to stop, maybe the petals (to me it looks like a flower)... maybe there could be less or more spread out in space? With the transparency of the medium they, in the pictures, seem very clustered together and close, it may look very different in person seeing in 3 dimensions with the light going through! I hope you don't take this as offense, when I ask for critique as an artist I truly want to hear anything I could improve on, otherwise I don't know how to do better, or what my potential customers would like. This is just my 2 cents, I do love the piece and someone else may disagree with me entirely!

  3. No, thank u thank u. I want to hear good or bad. I need to get a handheld torch or at least a smaller one so I can do my flowers with a more precise flame. Right now it's hard because my flame hits a 2 1/2 to 3 inch area at once and it starts to melt the petals I don't want melted. But I am working on it. I like symmetry, so I have the habit of adding on until I feel it's kinda even as well. I appreciate ur feedback, thank u.

  4. I think it's beautiful, but it's a little hard to discern the details with that busy background.

  5. Thank u and I agree. I had just finished it and my glass shop is a mess so the only spot I had that was somewhat decent, was in front of my shield. I'll be sure to make an area just for photos from now on.

  6. Wow, looks like a magic:) Definitely great work!

  7. I'm working on my site at this very moment. I'll post to my profile as soon as it's ready.

  8. I knew someone out there would. I should post the pic of what it looks like now that it's been kiln struck.. it's kinda cool..

  9. Thank u. The response to my work has been amazing . I never thought so many people would like my pieces. As soon as I finish getting my store up and going, I'll post a link on my profile. Hopefully I'll be able to bring a lil color and joy to everyone.

  10. I'm working on building my online store now. I'll post it to my profile when it's up and running.

  11. I am not really sure. Blue is my favorite color, and I have so many color possibilities, my options are endless. I have a glow in the dark, uv reactive one, that I love. I would like to make a rainbow 🌈 one if I can figure it out. But I think I would stick with a blue one if I were to make one for myself.

  12. Are u unhappy in ur new job? If this job is necessary for just the time being until a better one comes along then stay, but if ur unhappy and can live doing something that u love do, then drop this job and go be happy. Life is too short to be unhappy and to be working only to put money in someone else's pocket.

  13. The blue it’s showing up as is my favorite color 😍 love this

  14. Jail sucks and it will always be on ur record. It's harder to get jobs, housing etc with jail in ur history. Ppl are less likely to judge u with probation on ur record. Either one u choose, good luck.

  15. It changed my perspective on black piece it looked fucken awsome

  16. Thank u. I actually really liked this one too.

  17. Happy early birthday, I'm sure ur birthday wish will come true. 😉

  18. Good morning beautiful. Hope u have a wonderful cloudy day.

  19. Gorgeous! Very nicely done. I adore the color variance in the petals

  20. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=RDucVUEmjKsko&playnext=1

  21. Thank u. This color will actually change with use or if u take a torch and heat up areas. It can go from a like green to purple.

  22. Can you teach me the process in a detailed paragraph plz I have propane at the moment not mapgas Is it still possible? Thanks in advanced

  23. Well u need a torch, propane and Oxygen. There are several videos on YouTube that u can watch that will teach u much better than I can. Revere Glass is a good place to start.

  24. No problem I love arts and crafts too especially spun my focus is so intense or something but it comes out better I will check it out!!

  25. It definitely helps with my ADD or ADHD. I may not always get things done in a timely manner, because I have to make sure everything is done right, which includes making sure everything is clean, but I feel my is actually better because of it. My relationship is better, my art is better and my performance on my jobs has improved.

  26. Awe, thank u. I have a ton of flowers. Just haven't had the chance to post them all yet.

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