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  1. Depends if you're using dolphin or CTGP's My Stuff folder.

  2. Yeah I was trying to find out how to do it for CTGP. But thanks for the advice.

  3. I don’t think 64gb SD cards work for the Wii, and that you need a 32gb SD card or lower, but there are tutorials on how to use a 64 gb SD card for the Wii

  4. I actually just ordered a 16GB SD Card that’s arriving tomorrow, so I’ll see if it makes a difference.

  5. You can edit those by replacing the sounds in "revo_kart.brsar" which is a sound archive with many sounds. You can find those sounds in "Index 89, Audio 5" (Star) and "Index 89, Audio 15" (Mega Mushroom). Star music is at Sample Rate 22050 and Mega Mushroom at 32000.

  6. Another question. Does the music I want to replace it with have to be the same length as the original music, or can it be longer?

  7. Would I then have to put the “revo_kart.brsar” into the “My Stuff” folder? And if I do, would it affect anything else like custom characters or music?

  8. Even though I’m not a fan of the game, Dragalia Lost. Despite being a first-party series, I’m surprised there’s no representation in Ultimate at all for the game. There’s no character (obviously), no stage, no music, no Assist Trophy character, no Mii costume, and no Spirit. Maybe it’s because it’s a mobile game and the game is straight up not available in some countries? I don’t know. But I’m hoping the reason there’s no representation ISN’T so that they can add a character from it as the last DLC fighter.

  9. Will you be able to know about Smash stuff just before Nintendo’s E3 Direct starts? Like a few hours or so?

  10. I do have a question. Have you heard anything involving Smash Ultimate and who the DLC character(s) will be?

  11. Another question. Do you know anything involving E3 or Summer Games Fest?

  12. I posted about it just a little while ago.

  13. So PapaGenos talked to a person that is in a position to get this kind of information and they said something about a Mario character being added?

  14. Well, seeing as how Geno was deconfirmed (RIP), it seems like it’s Waluigi’s time to join.

  15. Something I noticed is that on Wikitubia it says he had 92+ video but his channel shows he has 56 videos. Did he delete some of his videos?

  16. How do you perform the dive in 3D World for the Switch?

  17. I genuinely believe it's a bit and that he'll upload something soon. YouTube is probably a big portion of his income, and I don't think he would stop that so soon after moving to a new (more expensive) city.

  18. Seeing as how he hasn’t returned today, I’m guessing he’ll probably return either tomorrow or a week after tomorrow. I say tomorrow because it would be a whole week since the video would be uploaded or a week after tomorrow because he would then have a two week long break like how he did last year.

  19. Honestly, I think if he was serious about quitting, he would put in a more serious part at the end of the video with him saying he’s quitting like how he said he was taking a break at the end of the Best of 2019 video. Not only that, but I don’t he would comment on InkThinks’s video saying something about a new era of content for 2021. And remember, this is the same person that made us believe Tyler and Miloni were two different people. He is known to do bits like that, and I’m hoping this is another bit. But the thing is though, I feel like Alpharad would be the person to just quit without making it be that serious. I’m genuinely hoping he didn’t quit and returns to YouTube, but if he did, I wish him the best of luck with whatever he decides to do.

  20. Due to a lack of moderation, the sub has been automatically set to restricted mode.

  21. So is there no way to post on that subreddit?

  22. Does anybody know what Aerith’s moveset is? From what I’ve seen from her Spirit Battle, her moveset is 1?1?. I haven’t been able to find out what her Side and Down Special are. If anyone finds out what they are, please tell me.

  23. Ikr? It's pretty annoying! Unfortunately that's just how they do Mii Spirit Battles when they're programmed to not use specials...

  24. Something I also think is dumb is that while some Spirit battles will change if you have the Mii costume or not, others don’t change at all. For example, if you have the Callie and Marie Mii costumes, the Spirit battle for them won’t change and will still have Inkling. Another example is Bomberman. Usually, a Toon Link represents Bomberman in the Spirit battle. But even if you have the Bomberman Mii costume, it will still be a Toon Link.

  25. Few hours is not enough, leave it charging with Wi-Fi overnight, or maybe for 2 nights.

  26. 24 should be more than enough I guess if you don't have like 150k photos and a lot of 4k videos, but depends on the internet speed and servers.

  27. I have around 1,300 photos and videos in my gallery, so how long should that take?

  28. Just read the whole thing, and wow. What an ending. This just completely blows the original ending out of the water and actually makes me feel happy instead of sad. It was a worthwhile read and I can’t thank you enough for making this. Also, has this been fully released on Archive of Our Own and yet?

  29. But how? I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to make a Mii on the Dolphin Emulator.

  30. you can get the mii maker channel wad through nus downloader and make a mii but I'm not sure if the miis will get recognised in Mario kart

  31. Will it not work if the Mii is a Guest Mii?

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