"Through the Fire and Flames" charted and played in Trombone Champ

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  1. For now I completely disabled aim assist and lock-on, two features the game has in flat mode to help you aim, because they were broken in VR and I would rather release the mod sooner than spending time fixing those features. That said, I found that aiming actually becomes way easier in VR than in flat mode. You always have an aiming laser, so you don't really have to be a good shot to get it right. This seems to be the sentiment with other players too. I also suck at shooters (I never play any competitive shooters, flat or VR), and I never felt the need for any aim assist in this.

  2. Indeed, I didn't have the time to make it look nice so it just looks like a dead body being dragged around or something. The game has no body model during gameplay, and no weapon models at all. So It's all added by the mod.

  3. I could never even get Streaming Assistant to detect my device connected via USB, even though I'm using the same anker cable that I use for Quest Link.

  4. How the hell did this end up being sold on Steam? I thought every company has to do a basic check for any copyrights violation before listing the game.

  5. Kind of. Your Steam page is checked by a human the first time it goes public. This kind of thing might be caught at that point. The thing is, nobody checks anything for subsequent page updates. So you can basically edit your game page to become a completely different game after it's been published. I'm pretty sure this is against their terms of service, but they won't notice until people start reporting it.

  6. It's just the spooky Halloween update for qsb

  7. Had to repost this because the mod title has the sacred word "dream" in it. The mod is

  8. I'm hopeful that our generation has grown used to the constant evolution of technology. That's kind of what's unique about our generation.

  9. A lot of us think this, but I'm curious to see how our opinions will be once our grandchildren are getting married to AIs made by large corporations.

  10. But you'll constantly have to tell them to stop recommending you new products on Amazon

  11. Can you just make it like a tile laying board game like Carcassonne?

  12. I thought about this, but I think it might be too cumbersome for this game. I always start with just a laser pointer on my mods though, since that's the quickest way to get motion controls working.

  13. The real lesson here is to never rely on your files being available in a single place. I have everything backed up in some way, either via a version control system, or a cloud file storage service. If my PC exploded right now I'd just get a new one and continue exactly where I left off, after I took care of the burn injuries.

  14. Can't say I disagree. Could you go into that version control system of yours? I've heard those words before, but they're not something I have to deal with in my line of work, so I only have a very basic idea of what it is.

  15. Sorry, I could have been more clear. Git is a version control system, and the easiest way to set those up is via GitHub, GitLab, etc. They are mostly meant for plain text code, but you can use it to manage the history of pretty much any type of file. There are some different systems that specialize in projects with large assets, but unless you're working on a very large game, git should be good enough for you.

  16. Interesting, that's the texture that's displayed on top of the probe camera when it gets fully submerged in the rising sand. It doesn't normally get applied on top of the player camera because you can't go into the sand (the probe can since it can be stuck to a wall or wtv), so it's weird to see that its happening here.

  17. oh wow are you the xen forty two from how to make portal gun in godot?

  18. A few days ago I tried it in first person which, as expected,

  19. shameless plug: there's also a VR mod with mic input, you use your VR controllers to control the trombone, and blow into the mic to toot:

  20. I think you just linked to the Twitter landing page.

  21. One suggestion would be to apply some small offsets to the vertices every animation frame, or some random noise to the normal maps. To simulate the effect in claymation where the animator accidentally deforms parts of the models while moving pieces around.

  22. 100% it actually feels cold when you touch it

  23. Just to be clear there is a microphone that gauges your ability to make the sounds with your own mouth, correct?

  24. For now it's just a button, but adding mic input is one of my goals

  25. And Donut County is a lovely game too, so worth getting the bundle

  26. Okay this is a totally sick mod, well done and all that, but is that really what the character model looks like when you run? 😭 I thought I looked like a cool anime guy lol

  27. I wasn't able to make it look nice with the animations they use in game for the ghosts. But yeah these look super silly, they are just what I could do in short term notice. This player body is disabled by default in the mod, it is mostly just useful for this kind of video.

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