1. Drive safe. Houston traffic can be terrible on I10 so schedule accordingly.

  2. Yep gotta go right through Houston. I'll be going through on a Sunday so hopefully it'll be lighter than usual

  3. Alright I weighed her. She's exactly 50 pounds not 40. Still a no go?

  4. It’s def a no go. Where did you get this prescription from? Because it seems like your vet didn’t prescribe it. They wouldn’t intentionally overdose your dog.

  5. I got it for my lab who Is well over 60 pounds. This stuff is 75 bucks a pop so I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask since my other dog is close to the minimum weight on this particular dosage. I got my answer and I appreciate your help.

  6. I have it. I take turmeric capsules and it takes it away.

  7. It doesn't sound at all like a DVT. Meralgia paresthetica most likely, yes.

  8. Good to know. Thanks. Got any suggestions on how to treat it?

  9. Doesn't seem higher than normal? I mean it's good pressure. I'm not sure what high would look like

  10. How serious of an issue is it? Of course it has the famous startup rattle as well

  11. Is the SSID same for both 2.4&5Ghz networks? If so, and you can, try and rename the 2.4 one to a different SSID. Most devices will use the 5Ghz anyways .

  12. The base PS4 cannot connect to 5GHz wifi, only the slim and pro can. That could be your issue

  13. I’ve had this problem, the console would shut itself off after about 10 minutes. This was due to the fan not turning on, very weird. Try to listen at the black vent whether it turns on when you boot up the console. If not, give the console a little shake, then it would turn on most of the times. Last few months this didn’t happen anymore but tbh, I don’t play that often anymore

  14. I'll look into that. That's unacceptable on a console so new

  15. You’re right. If it’s still under warranty, your best bet is to send it back for repairs.

  16. The first thing to look at is that number in orange in the upper left, AHI. It should be below 5. Yours is below 1, so that's very good.

  17. The fact that the "pressure" graph shows some slight variation instead of a straight line makes its behavior for "fixed pressure" a little suspicious, but that said, why the hell is it set to a fixed pressure?

  18. Dad here. The first few nights were a blur. I think we woke up every 2 hours to feed. The wife and I came up with a schedule where we would have shifts so we could get some sleep. Baby is 11 months now and sleeps the whole night. Sleep is so underrated. I only got 5 days off work when she was born. Rough.

  19. Mine has been pretty good. It’s through a union so it’s a little better than what you get normally.

  20. Might want to look into better insurance. It should at least cover half.

  21. It's all I can get through my job. I've looked at 3rd party but they are all super expensive

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