1. Ich kenne mich nicht genug mit Japanischer Innen/außenpolitik aus um beurteilen zu können wo deren Prioritäten liegen und was im Bereich des Möglichen ist. Jedoch scheint China für Japan möglicherweise ein Größeres Problem darzustellen. Besonders auf lange Sicht.

  2. Japan, Italien, Frankreich sind ja nur Beispiele dafür, dass die Geschlossenheit des sogenannten Westens von Anfang an Schönwetter Aussagen gewesen sind.

  3. Die Abwählbarkeit von Regierungen in Demokratien ist Vorteil und Nachteil zugleich.

  4. The fast guy would break his limbs/did attacking the strong/durable guy. Durable guy can just go about his life.

  5. I agree since nobody but platinum s should be able to keep up to his speed i guess. Depends on how fast he is with armor.

  6. Even if the eagles don’t attack the opposing human, not choosing them means that they will attack you since you’re the only target. No other animal choice could defend against 50 eagles. Same with rats

  7. I agree with the eagles beeing able to reach you everywhere. But the rats can be outmaneuvered in an area that is 5km+. They need to stay very close together to make their numbers work at all.

  8. I would hope the door. As dumb as it is to block the door with the railing, it would be infinitely more stupid to put the door behind the rail.

  9. It looks like the railing is fixated to the doorframe. Would be difficult to accomplish if the railing was there first.

  10. I just rewatched it. He mentally updates it to 7%, in his own thoughts.

  11. Yeah maybe but that's 7% more than any other human on earth. Making Light most likely still the main suspect of them all by these numbers.

  12. Macht euch mal den Spaß und schaut nach, wie viel % die afd bei der letzten Wahl bekommen hat in diesen Orten.

  13. Eine regierende AFD wäre mal 'schön' damit die Leute endlich aus ihrer infantilen Luftblase aufwachen das dann alles auf Zauberhafteweise besser wird.

  14. Glaube, das bräuchte dann eine Regierung auf Bundesebene, weil die sonst einfach den Bund für alles Schuld machen werden. „Reicht ja nicht, dass wir das Bundesland/Stadt/Kreis regieren, die bösen da oben verhindern unseren super tollen Plänen“ oder sowas. Und die Unterstützer würden das ja auch glauben.

  15. Selbst dann könnte man noch argumentieren das Mitglieder der eigenen Partei den "wahren" Fortschritt blockieren.

  16. Gorilla skin is weak to cutting action while Bear skin can absorb claws and such. The Gorilla will bleed to death. Strength doesn't matter that much but the bear is likely superior there too.

  17. Das die dem Fernseher mehr glauben als ihren eigenen Kindern.

  18. Indoktrination ist eine machtvolle Waffe.

  19. Strengthwise i would say they are pretty similar. But Michael myers has more durability and stamina. I mean for example i'm not sure Fisk can survive running over with a car and then minutes later move on like nothing ever happened. Also Fisks strength, even when its superior, would be useless against someone who just walks through bullets and such (bullets are superior to Michaels strength aswell just sayin).

  20. I swear to God, Destroy fans will be smugger than the fucking Sun once BioWare canonizes their ending moving forwards. They’re unbearable enough as it is.

  21. Man it doesn’t get much grim darker than nids vs chaos.

  22. The enemy within vs the enemy without

  23. Depends on what Dr.Manhattan you are talking about because Doomdays Clock Manhattan would giga stomp but if you are referring to Manhattan from Watchmen than he might possibly lose but I would still go 6/10 Manhattan.

  24. 'What if Ultron' seems a bit overestimated. He barely breached multiversal on screen. While that and a lot more is a basic theme in comics for decades. Doomsday Dr.Manhattan goes up all to the archetypical realms of existence. I don't think marvel cinema reached that level yet. (Though some version of eternity appeared in the latest thor movie)

  25. The exiles power is very specific and can be a game changer like no other in the right circumstances.

  26. Zero. My favorite character has and probably always will be L. Now, my 3rd and and 4th favorites have changed. Before it used to be Soichiro and Aizawa. Now it's Near and Mello by a large margin.

  27. Not the best Lovecraftian iteration out there. I still think 'Bad Travelling' has more Lovecraftian themes compared to this one. It's too on the nose lol

  28. Thought the same. Bad travelling is in general one of the best episodes in the series.

  29. In Ra's first ever comic appearance, Batman doesn't recognise him. He would if he'd trained with the League

  30. The league is a massive organisation with many ties in the far east and most members are pretty secret about it.

  31. Yeah even the so called "realistic" superheroes are pretty unrealistic. Guys like Punisher, Daredevil, and Batman would be dead within like a month at best in the real world.

  32. Batmans daily training alone is lethal to normal humans.

  33. Wann merkt ihr endlich das Putin IMMER mit Atomkrieg droht. Krim? Meins! Sonst was? Nukes!!!

  34. Nicht nur Europa. Wenn Russland wirklich Atombomben wirft würde es sich international ins Aus befördern. Weder China noch sonst ein Staat wird sich hinter so eine Taktik stellen da es im Prinzip auf die Strategie der Verbrannten Erde hinausläuft. Und die hat keine Gewinner.

  35. I'm something of a Boros wanker myself.

  36. Yep because it is Batman fault he almost got ate alive as far as he is concerned. Fear is not always rational.

  37. Would say fear is rarely ever rational.

  38. Non-preptime: Kraven, Mysterio, Black Cat, and maybe Vulture.

  39. If the kingpin counts then i think Bats could take him too in a non prep encounter. No easy match though.

  40. I agree, Khaine being the somewhat conceptual incarnation of murder and conflict makes him very difficult to kill in conflict. Especially in his true form.

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