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  1. Its always recommended to start slow and build up from that Dont rush it You are doing alright but its recommended to get some back training as well As for the pain , its called muscle soreness ,usually an indicator that they are responding. Its also important to control your diet .Gaining muscle requires proper protein intake.

  2. alright. what are some best ways to get enough protein?

  3. Egg and chicken is something i found very good and affordable . Whey is convenient but also more expensive. Just explore and check what you like . Advantage of starting overweight is that you are stronger than those who start under so use that to your advantage.

  4. Idk if it is very hard but you know like how versace has designs all over the shirt You could do that with famous equations so that it looks like a collage (like one of those filled boards always in movies)

  5. Most mangos sold in shops in Europe are this size. I am not even sure I have ever seen such small ones.

  6. You might be referring to a different subspecies .This particular one is difficult to get to this size without hormones

  7. I am not entirely sure but letting domestic manufacturers produce it so hastily might deprive quality control testing

  8. There is an app called thenX which you can select workouts for bodyweight which specialize in certain case or certain part of your body

  9. do u think i shld start learning to eat vege? any tips on how? interested to learn to cook too

  10. It depends on your preference really but usually try to eat veggies with something with more protein ...veggies is not your primary source anyways

  11. Ayo what's your insta. You seem like the someone similar to me

  12. I like how the taj mahal is aligned with the gate Great photography 👍

  13. There are crocodiles in it ...but some people go regardless

  14. Ami konkani, shobhit ani kushalkai amchem Konkan.

  15. Is that goan konkani ? I swear its very different from what we speak here 😅

  16. I really dont understand how these people get away with this Some people claim this to be victory for india and act like its nationalism to play this instead of pubg

  17. 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations She must have seen gandhi in the news right? Have u asked?

  18. She saw Gandhi in person. Her father died during the Independence battle back in 1944..

  19. I think even though they are in the same tick they get powered at different times within the same tick

  20. Metamilos channel has a multi item sorter which doesnt break easily ...thats what i use apart from that each farm has local storage

  21. It’s not the blast chamber that’s the issue, I’m trying to get a 1x6 concrete block column into a single stream that I can then use with the blast chamber, it’s getting the 1x6 —> 1x1 that I’m having issues with

  22. Ohhhhhh.......i thought you had two 6×1 that you were merging into one

  23. I thought so, just trying to see if it’s possible thanks for the help tho, probably gonna have to stick to a standard concrete blast chamber, only way I think it would work it to split the columns into individual streams and merge them back together later, but I’d need stackable buds for that

  24. I built a farm and did just that, rates suck compared to the video. like 1 every 2-3 mins

  25. I think you must have built the system wrong a bit Maybe the endermen could reach and killed the endermite...because technically they should be pouring in

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