1. .msi or .zip, or does it not matter?

  2. As the other person says, I recommend installing a 3rd party launcher, such as:

  3. There's a download button in the video player, but you have to have a separate downloader app (Seal, PowerTube, DVD, NewPipe, etc.)

  4. OptiFine is a chonky mod and it takes a lot of time to update. There's no way it'll ever be available on a snapshot.

  5. What is updater for then? (Genuine question huh)

  6. It allows you to update to newer builds of the same version. (And also notifies about new versions)

  7. You can't. ATM 8 already has some of the best performance boosting mods (which are far better than OptiFine) + OptiFine's mod compatibility is a nightmare, so even if you removed these mods, it'd crash.

  8. Remove OptiFine and OptiFabric and use Sodium instead

  9. enderio is discontinued, there is no 1.19 version

  10. You have the wrong version of the Tool Belt mod

  11. It highly depends on the version and modloader.

  12. optifine should never be used when using other mods

  13. Agreed, but it doesn't apply to all versions.

  14. Vanced doesn't unlock downloading.

  15. I tried and also reinstalled and removed the app connection in Google after which it did work again. Only i got suddenly a lot more ads. Like too many ads while scrolling and all.

  16. Thanks for the info! In the version i have i don't have to patch youtube (i did do that in an earlier version).

  17. Are you sure Minecraft is using the 3070 and not AMD Radeon Graphics?

  18. Thanks dude i was already using the dfu i did not know the other ones

  19. Also, I forgot to mention, if you have Sulfuric or Radon, remove them, Starlight x Create is better

  20. Check out secure camera by graphene. It's on par/slightly worse than stock aperture

  21. Use the Fabulously Optimized modpack instead or OptiFine

  22. ^ this. There has been a lot of shit about optifine when it comes to mods and most packs recommend not to use it. I haven't played vanilla for a few years so I don't know how it works with it.

  23. So I went to the GitHub page, but I don't understand what I am supposed to do. Am I supposed to download something?

  24. No, you have to put together a list of JVM args and paste them in the launcher (In the Java arguments section). Since I also have an 8 core CPU, I guess you can try the ones I use:

  25. i got optifine for shaders, but I'll list my mods when i get home

  26. Since you already have the Rubidium mod, you can also add the Oculus mod (assuming it's not included already). With it, you'll be able to use shaders, there's no need for OptiFine.

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