1. Repopulation efforts by humans are going quite well. Sadly they are still critically endangered outside most of the western world.

  2. That just means they have completed their mission as the perfect creature and will be leaving

  3. This meme feels unintentionally and extremely intentionally racist

  4. Brawl literally carried the team in the final battle

  5. I'm not mad because of Rowling, I'm mad cause after all the pre-order disasters, especially Cyberpunk's release people still haven't learnt to not pre-order games.

  6. And thatโ€™s why I stick to just using steam on my computer

  7. I feel like the part where they transform into giant alien robots is a tad bit improbable

  8. Maybe but doubt it. Hasbro is absolutely massive and tomy pretty much needs them

  9. So Mister Magnus. Iโ€™ve heard stories that beneath your armor you have a regal body of a pure white that shines like diamonds in the sky. Some have said it resembles Optimus Prime. I myself use exosuits quite often due to my small size so I know the feeling, is it true?

  10. I dont care about your american bs

  11. The way he did it is a reference to the first bayverse movie when he did this exact same move to cut off Brawl's hand.

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