1. I find a little cannabis before bedtime does wonders. I’m usually still sleepy enough to fall back to sleep even after a flash and pee, as I call it.

  2. My challenge was not being afraid of salt because I take blood pressure med and always feared it and potassium as well. I can’t supplement potassium bec of this ace inhibitor which I’ve cut in half after doing keto this long. After trial and tribulation I’ve found the right balance but after testing many different amounts. I’ve found the sodium recommendation isn’t one size fits all. Many people take ace inhibitors that your body will retain too much potassium if you supplement. If this fits in with your lifestyle I would recommend 3500 to 4000 mg of pottasium from food only and around 3000-3500 mg sodium. I could be wrong. After doing keto for 2 years I’m still trying to find the correct amount for me.

  3. The mindset before starting. I loved to eat (high carb/fat food) at food trucks. Whatever cuisine. Loved pizza, loved burgers and fries, Loved McDonalds breakfast sandwiches, chips, beer, snickers bars, mac and cheese, General Tso's chicken with rice... and so on. until I was severely obese and started having related aches and pains. You look at a diet, any diet not just keto, and think... I can't possibly eat and survive on that sh*t....

  4. Absolutely agree. It’s definitely being ‘ready’ in the mind before starting to get thru to fat adaption no matter how hard it is for the first 2-3 weeks. Read a LOT. It takes will for long enough to get adapted and then food begins to be just fuel slowly over time. Sure you still crave those carbs but it gets easier and easier to say it’s not worth wrecking my progress. And the blessed energy…to good to let go!

  5. Get the Apollo induction heater. So worth it. And also recommend the low temp cap. Tastes sooo much better. And much cooler on the throat and lungs

  6. Deep breaths. It’s hard to be around the foods we enjoy to be sure but it does get easier. You need to reframe the way you think about foods with sugar in them. I like to think of foods, like pasta, as deadly. If I eat that, it will kill me. And these lovely eggs with cheese and hot sauce (or whatever lifestyle complaint meal you choose) is awesome for my body. Consistently tell yourself, out loud if necessary at first, that ‘pasta is deadly’. It works! I love sugar more than anything and the shit is so addictive but our brains are very trainable and when I see pasta now, no matter how much I might want it, I just hear ‘pasta is deadly’ in my mind and I can choose something better. It’s not fool proof but it will work if you practice it. You can do it! Grab chicken breast and some veggies and cheese and tell yourself it’s amazingly tasty and good for you and it will become so with practice. You got this!

  7. I save some macros for my delightful evening respite from the world of dumbfuckery. It’s worth it. I do two shakes of keto chow and eat dinner so I usually can have an evening treat without affecting my weight loss. I keep to very dark salted chocolate and occasionally mug cakes. Good luck!

  8. I love Wholesum Yum. Great recipes that rarely fail. And I HATE cooking and being in the kitchen period.

  9. That’s a good sign! Keep going! Basic rule of keto: Eat when you feel hungry. Don’t eat when you don’t feel hungry. But don’t let yourself be hungry or go too long between meals in the first 3-4 weeks. Totally normal for your body when it’s starting to understand the change you want it to make and it’s beginning to use fat for fuel. Perhaps cut your fat back just a bit tomorrow at each meal and see if you maintain your lack of appetite. Just get your protein and water in. Keep on, keepin on! You got this!

  10. Congrats! Sometimes its hard to see the loss until you try on something old. So happy for you! Highly recommend measuring the body parts. It helped me know I was loosing even when I had doubts or still saw the weight when I looked in the mirror. Keep it up; you got this!

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