1. Him and Diago Luna are my current obsessions

  2. My son stopped naturally at 3 and a half, he was just having small amounts so my milk dried up

  3. Agree with everyone here that if you live here you get a vote. The SNP/ yes movement have been quiet about the fact the if people born on rUK hadn't been able to vote then we would have got a different result in 2014, which is very commendable of them

  4. Currently in the process of moving. The flat we’re renting has gas central heating, doesn’t have double glazing (historic building), has high ceilings, and we’re on the ground floor so we can’t even benefit from the heating of anyone below. We’re spending over £200 a month on gas (it’s a prepaid meter), and with that amount we don’t even keep the flat particularly warm.

  5. Could you explore getting an air source heat pump? Home Energy Scotland could advise you on this and other measures for your home. We got some grant and loan

  6. There might be an element of just wanting to get some male attention and see if others find her attractive. She may not plan on meeting up with anyone. You should just talk to her about it.

  7. Ma'am you coming asking the question then getting extremely defensive when given an answer you don't like is quite telling in the fact you think you know more than your husband, who I assume is the child's father & every single person who voted you were the AH. I did not vote, but why did you ask if the answer really didn't matter & you weren't going to see another side anyway?

  8. I am happy to agree that 65% think I'm the asshole but I happen to agree with the 25% who think I'm not (or whatever the stats were) and the 100% of people here

  9. I don't think he's autistic but he certainly has some quirks. Doesn't like soft fabrics (we are finding it difficult to get jumpers as they are all soft for him on the inside) Doesn't like getting splashed or his hair being wet Doesn't want to do any dressing up Doesn't like cream, once ice cream melts he doesn't want it, doesn't want sun cream

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