1. Assuming OP is in the western sphere of influence, it's important to note that 99% of what you've been taught about communism, by the media machine or by public school, is based in propaganda stretching back to the Cold War era and before. I don't have the eloquence to explain socialism/communism and their relation in text, but I'd suggest some light reading or audiobook listening.

  2. I grew up in the west,, where they 'teach' kids a very one-sided and distorted view of politics, history, foreign cultures, etc....

  3. I'm going to say something that's going to piss a lot of people in here off at first, but stick with me: hierarchy isn't inherently bad. It's not good, but it's not inherently bad. What it is really is pragmatically effective, if it weren't then the world wouldn't be ruled by hierarchical countries. One thing I can't stand about anarchists: their claim that the way to fight hierarchy is to be non-hierarchical. That's the way to extinction. Hierarchy thrives because it is Darwinistically advantageous. It creates massive amounts of wealth, centralizes power, and stigmatizes resistance. We're never going to beat it by just trying to live outside of it.

  4. At the commune I used to live at (Democratic Socialism) we certainly had our managerial positions, but those positions have no authority or privileges. They're just another job that needs to get done. No hierarchy.

  5. Yeah it IS a big problem. We all need to denounce these kinds of generalizations, it doesn't help anyone.

  6. It's great if someone wants to use their own personal resources to house someone, go for it. But for one person to steal money from someone else (taxpayers) and use that to house someone, that's wrong imo. Theft is wrong even if the intent is to do good with the money.

  7. Yeah, if you can save up enough money to buy a piece of land. But it's doable.

  8. I understand elementary level math, just not the way they are teaching it. It's not necessarily something you can jump right into alot of the times. It is my fault for not learning along but that probably is more a time issue.

  9. Sorry, I didn't mean to come off as being condescending, I hope you didn't take it that way....

  10. I find it difficult to understand, to try and help my kids understand or with school work but I think they’ll end up with a much better practical math education than a lot of people my age.

  11. That's awesome though..... I like charter schools.

  12. I know that our system is a joke, I also know its because people are all fucking idiots, just like yourself. Delusions like yours of control are part of the narrative so that people having some abstract person to hate, which keeps people from actually participating in any functional way to better themselves or their lives.

  13. i have been doing sitting jobs for rover! it’s been nice to finally sleep in a bed for the first time in 2 months. i’m just looking for something more permanent, i have a cat and have to end up finding someone i know that’ll let him stay with them most of the time because the pets aren’t cat friendly. i feel so bad for him because this is my fault not his and he deserves a better life than this.

  14. Oh right on! I've never tried this kind of gig before.

  15. There are housesitting gigs where rich folks WILL PAY YOU to stay at their swanky villa, feed the cat and water the plants.

  16. She froze up because you were using logic.

  17. It was an arranged marriage, but the wife is a nympho.

  18. I will be debated in to the ground by saying that female narcissim has always far, far outweighed men's. Even when I say so on a place like this. But it's the reason such a significant portion of women remain as children.

  19. I almost wanted to point this out, but hesitated. I'm glad you did. It's OBVIOUS, in'nit?

  20. Some Psychologists are starting to suggest that Narcissistic Personality Disorder has SKYROCKETED 10-fold from 1-2% of the population to 10-20%+ in the last 20 years or so in America.

  21. I'm really impressed with everyone's ideas and suggestions. If even one person can take this post and make a little business out of the idea, I'd consider it a success.

  22. Definitely a real side hustle in the burbs in California...a couple charges $50 and they have seasonal graphics, local graphics, local team sports logo graphics and more...

  23. Great for upper-middle to upper-class neighborhoods.

  24. Ski Resorts often have really cheap or free housing for their employees.

  25. I was really surprised after moving to Thailand....

  26. It's hard to believe... how easily we have been fooled.

  27. We've all heard that shit before. It's a common script. You can smell the programming.

  28. It's a bit difficult to tell someone "What doesn't kill you, just makes you stronger" after they.... you know.... LOST BOTH OF THEIR LEGS, for example.

  29. Oh I did figured I'd just explain so it made sense. There were some other 4 letter acronym type regulatory people as well I just don't remember what lol.

  30. Well... it's all totally different depending on the location...

  31. From SS card I assumed America, I thought it was usually called something else in different countries?

  32. I’ve never had anyone say that. Thanks man. I gave up a nice job to stay and try to help her but man the effects of growing up with childhood abuse really effected us. She chose aggression.

  33. Clearly using greenscreens and wire harnesses. You can even see one of their hands go through wires, but there are countless other examples showing how staged it all is.

  34. I'm not sure specifically what you're referring to. This post is about a photograph, not a video. Right?! Can you clarify?

  35. There are many videos showing the fakery of the ISS footage. They are making them harder to find on YouTube unless you have the exact title of the video, or the URL. I will post links later maybe, probably a search on bitchute would yield better results though. Just type fake ISS or something.

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