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TIL Romans were known to create tombs for their dogs and gave them epitaphs to remember them by. One such inscription read, “I am in tears, while carrying you to your last resting place as much as I rejoiced when bringing you home with my own hands 15 years ago.”

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  1. I couldnt imagine putting in thenhours to learn this whacky-ass flying, good shit

  2. When I was a kid we would search construction sites for .22 blanks from nail guns. Often the strips would have a live blank that didn't go off. We would wrap them in newspaper, set it on fire and wait for the BANG.

  3. We got guys running around with .40 cals nowadays, and let me tell you....theyre very fun to throw off of tall buildings

  4. Play your deck while she's sleeping?! Look, I love love love video games but you need to learn when to put your toys down. She's sleeping and you can't be alone with your thoughts for 1 minute? I think you need therapy.

  5. That says more or less nothing. At every season start and big update you will have the first 1 to 2 weeks a larger number of players, which then drops again.

  6. Low playercount on day 1 of the "big" update DICE is hoping will bring everyone back isnt a good sign.

  7. Of course infantry dies quickly to the vehicles that take awhile to respawn lol

  8. If good pilots are strugling you have to wonder hoe is life for people who want to try the aircraft for the first time.

  9. With how weird everything feels to fly, people just dont want to put the time in.

  10. They really gave the most mobile class the ability to use a med pen and armor plates. What a horrible idea.

  11. And they got to keep c5, because the wingsuit isnt effective enough against infantry, ao the tanks have to suffer

  12. Crawford is broken if you pair him with a Irish player. Vulcan + Deployable cover and APS, you can mow down people in tight areas.

  13. Guess we're playing in different servers because I've yet to experience it.

  14. Well, yea, we just went from a heavy focus on lone-wolfing to somewhat of a team structure, it's gonna take awhile.......longer than this game has to impress a new playerbase

  15. Why would I? Youre giving everyone here enough of a shitshow to laugh at

  16. Those are the players that used to play with Mackays and sniper rifles. Now they can't so they moved on to the next available exploit.

  17. .....what? Weapons werent restricted so you'll still see all the sundances and mckays roofcamping with spotlights

  18. Yeah but they are not proficient so it would be like playing with a voluntary handicap. Plus Mackays ADS strafing got nerfed so the insane sniper scope ADADing is gone.

  19. I think this is lies because the only thing they gave out for Christmas was free player cards LMAO

  20. The cosmetics wrre leaked ahead of time, and the backlash put DICE back in its place over it.

  21. Well if i'm doing good with it and helping the team, why not. Its one of the reasons i wanted more than 1 tank on maps, so i wouldn't be the only one driving around with it.

  22. Similarly the squirrel girl needs to be changed. She has unlimited multifunctional grenades

  23. Ive been calling them squirrel girl and mcfartnugget when ckmplaining about how OP the movement operators are for months now, and Im glad to see one caught on

  24. This makes me wonder if I'm uglier than I think I am or crazier than I think I am... and unfortunately, the answer is probably both >.<

  25. I did also have a relationship like this. The first time I was wondering if I wanted the relationship, she immediately threatend with suicide. Especially in that moment that is not something you can just deal with or see as something she justs says. I was too busy in my life to deal with these threats, so I just stayed and endured the abuse. To be fair, she really, really loved me. And I was able to see her personality disorder seperate of her as a person. But in hindsight I should've ran. I still have moments that I can pannick because of moments with her, and I do fall for her now and again when we have contact or see eachother again. All my friends could slap me all over for it, but it is just unique.

  26. Well call me a horrible person, but the last girlfriend I had try to threaten suicide as I broke up with her didnt get what she wanted, I just told her to go home and sleep it off, left and called thenpolice to do a wellness check that very night.

  27. Damn, shoulda kicked the cart back when you lifted, lesson learned I 'spose

  28. When I used to live in Florida, there were multiple neighbors who would do this. I have had to go to multiple homes open the front door, call my dog and have them run out to me. I was 9. One was named Jack, and we would have to lock our gates to keep him from opening it and taking our dog. It doesn't really help that my neighborhood was also featured in To Catch A Predator.

  29. On top of the weird happenings surrounding neighbors stealing dogs, my neighborhood wouldve had a lot of houses mysteriously burn down

  30. Humans have been loving dogs for tens of thousands of years. There’s dogs buried, honored with beads that would have taken thousands of hours to make. For tens of thousands of years it was just humans and dogs against everything else. Then about ten thousand years ago, humans rapidly domesticated basically all the other animals and plants. House cats, wheat, cows - those all same about during the agricultural revolution. But even for as long as those other domesticated animals have been with us, dogs were with us several times over.

  31. Nobody appreciates the taming of wheat these days.....it was a lawless time, wheat roaming the forests........

  32. Lol...was blown away to discover (c/- Attenborough's Green Planet) that the seed drops and the beard (antenna-like spikes) 'walks' it till it finds a crack in the earth suitable to germinate. So your supposition's not so out there

  33. Thank you! I've actually had a lot of people ask if they can. I always say yes, but i want to see it. Haven't seen any yet though

  34. I've got my sister coming up to touch up a tatoo tmthis or next weekend, Ive got a reminder set to send you a picture because she's doing this now lol

  35. Enough to afford a house and groceries while still having free time and I will degrade myself in front of my coworkers daily.

  36. I've degraded myself enough for free, I'll take a coffee in the morning at this point 🤣

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