1. Yes, and you said about constipation, about everyone's genetics being different, and talking to your Dr. You also stated that you're a nurse as well. Yes, my Dr is aware, and so was my previous one (she moved). Actually, I've had one in August 2022 that I paid for to see my numbers (so a month into the diet), again in October, and in December because I was having an allergic reaction to the biologic I was put on. All of my bloodwork came back great! Yes, from my liver Dr and in June did one. From October 2021, my cholesterol was 255, and in October 2022, it was down to 209. In 2021, my triglycerides were 394, and in 2022, they were 128. I have more numbers if you'd like me to share?

  2. Just a note…my triglycerides went down as well from being on my medication long enough because of overall decrease in inflammation…You should consider that not just the red meat.

  3. I didn't see a decline in triglycerides until after I started the diet. I was put on Hydroxychloroquine at the end of April, and in June, I saw the liver Dr and had more blood test run. That's when I learned I had NASH with fibro bridging, and I was eating extremely clean, and I've never been a drinker. If they dropped at all, it was only by a very small amount until I started the diet, and that huge drop was only in 4 months from when ICheney my eating.

  4. So…you were on Plaquenil for two months by this ‘huge drop’ right? That sounds correct.

  5. I wish I could find a medication that would work for me. I’m glad methotrexate is working for you! It was poison to my body.

  6. Have you tried Rituxan at all? I tried soooo many things before Rituxan along with Plaquenil, has helped.

  7. Nope. On Humira now but it isn’t doing anything. Been on for 6 months and my flares are worse. My doctor is putting me on a new drug in May but I don’t know what it is yet.

  8. Yes this happened to me years ago. I was on humira, enbrel, methotrexate, leflunomide, etc. My nephrologist told them no but they didn’t listen. My Rheumy now said you can NOT put lupus patients on humira, enbrel, etc as they are for RA (which I also have but not primary concern here) and will make lupus worse. Much like you they did for me also I felt like 💀. Are you in the Midwest or southern us?. It sounds like your dr and insurance are forcing you through what healthcare calls the “step” system. They throw a bunch of older, cheaper, medications at you before anything more expensive (Rituxan is over $300k a year). You tell them NO and appeal everything they give you. It is for the betterment of insurance, not you. They know very well lupus patients shouldn’t be taking that. Ask your rheumatologist why it’s taking 6 months and why you aren’t on medications designated only for lupus—they will say insurance.

  9. Do you still take your Plaquenil? I had nothing help either for years and I have lupus and RA so they tried me on everything under the sun. I’m now on Rituxan infusions every five months, Plaquenil, and methylprednisolone for flares. One medication alone sometimes does not work. I have a friend on hcq, benlysta, and another biologic or dmard I just can’t recall which. Your Rheumy may be thinking too conservatively. When I got my current, he said absolutely NOT! To my numbers lol And that my labs looked like his 65/70 year old patients…

  10. there’s several things that fly under the radar for me, but still leaving me wondering before the full blunt effect of the flare mania fest. these often include: migraines, unsteadiness, a red rash on some of my knuckles, neck stiffness, and feeling warm. they’re all so easy to attribute to various other things that i often miss them.

  11. Honestly. That sounds like wayyyy too much flaring and too many symptoms. It’s where I was for years before getting on a good combo of meds. Do you have any kidney involvement as well? Your treatment does not look complete with just Plaquenil here. And depending on your kidneys, you shouldn’t be taking meloxicam as that can worsen things…sadly. But no NSAIDs for me either. I asked also because of the gi issues… I hope that you tell your rheumatologist that you aren’t feeling the “best” you can which is reducing the severity and frequency of flares. I take Rituxan infusions every 5mos, 400mg Plaquenil daily, and methylprednisolone for flares (I was on 20mg daily for a few years but no more with Rituxan). I have lupus and RA, so I was treated with humira, enbrel, methotrexate, leflunomide, and one more I can’t think of before this combo and uhhh no lol Just…remember to be your own advocate and say when something is not okay, when you aren’t okay.

  12. I’ll just say…as a woman of color, it took me about TEN YEARS for doctors to believe me that I was always sick, in constant pain, and no my normal temperature does not run 101° everyday because that’s a FEVER. I still have issues with certain things. It’s difficult. I will also say that when the medical community doesn’t listen, things are much worse when your own family or support system doesn’t. I’m lucky that isn’t me and I have a great family.

  13. I’d heard about “carbs” and inflammation, but I wasn’t aware just sugar. Something to think about trying to get rid of.

  14. Both. You should get a baseline for before you begin the treatment then a medical eye exam from an ophthalmologist every year, not an optometrist as they don’t have the med equipment or medical training to complete the needed exams.

  15. I’m so sorry you are going through this. But do keep some faith in knowing that you have started treatment—just STARTING is sometimes the most important part. It took me years…but that’s another story. I will say that plaquenil alone didn’t treat my symptoms. It helps a lot with photosensitivity and overall fatigue, feeling flu like all of the time. However, I had moderate to severe pain that was in no way helped by plaquenil, I still Flared all of the time, still had some rashes so I needed more medications along with that. I’m sure your rheumatology team will find the best combo of meds to have your symptoms and flares decrease—remission would be even better one day. I hope you feel better soon and just know that you’re taking the right steps.

  16. Sure! I have kidney involvement with my sle, so lupus nephritis, I’m taking Rituxan infusions as well.

  17. A LOT! 🫣Lol I used to feel bad about it years ago…I’m glad I’ve grown past that!

  18. I already go to appointments with her, so that's not a problem. Is there anything we can do to help with the brain fog? I can only imagine how frustrating that is!

  19. Cannabis can help. Especially tinctures, hybrid, but check with the dispensary on the tinctures.

  20. Well I don’t know…Rocky isn’t a very good written script at ALL…and page one is a huge block of text and then “I’m gonna bust ya head wide open…” and Rocky says “Hey” so haha I don’t know if we can always judge a script by its title page or first page or…sometimes the entire script!

  21. It’s not a question of “permissible”, because there are no rules except “make the reader want to turn the page.” But the question is: if you’re a new writer trying to break in, why subject your reader to uninviting ugly-ass page design?

  22. For TV, have you read any of the euphoria scripts? Tons of blocky text. For film, Spike Lee has blocky text. So does James Cameron. Many writer/directors have terribly long descriptions.

  23. Has anyone here tried CBG gummies? Instead of things like adderrall? CBG gummies by Wyld are amazing for brain fog, pain, and focus.

  24. That’s not one of the effects of CBx for me. I have an oil product that includes THC, CBD and CBG. The various terpenes like cbg, cbn have not been studied well.

  25. What type of oil product though? And I’m sure you’re aware that the various type of cannabis products are metabolized differently by the body, so if you have no such effects by one product, doesn’t mean you won’t from another (like gummies because of how they must breakdown in the body with chewing, or patches that cross the blood brain barrier much faster) cannabis product.

  26. There’s been a plaquenil shortage since last year around October? I have been short since then and took it upon myself to halve my dose everyday. I’ve had to go all the way to a pharmacy in San Diego (and I live in the SoCal desert) to get my meds. Luckily they’ve had them and I’m grateful! But…they need to do something about it because we can’t keep this up

  27. The symptoms I get are similar to either MS or stroke symptoms. I have headaches, vision changes, I lost my hearing, one sided weakness. Along with numbness in some areas of my body and shooting pain in others.

  28. Oh my—I’m so sorry to hear about all of those symptoms. I’m sure you’ve had so many tests done, but have you seen a neurologist recently who specializes in migraines and migraines related to autoimmune diseases (the latter can be difficult to find depending where you live) But many of the symptoms you listed can actually be migraine symptoms. I get one sided numbness, vision changes, hearing that goes in and out and tinnitus so bad I can’t hear out of whichever ear it’s occurring in (I know to take an abortive at this time). One of my aunts has migraine symptoms that mimic strokes—many of the symptoms you mentioned here plus aphasia, numbness and facial drooping, and brief memory loss and fog during the migraine attack.

  29. I sure have! They were actually initially diagnosed as migraines in association with lupus but because of other symptoms and tests including mri’s and anti neuronal antibodies found in my spinal fluid among other things, we moved away from the migraine diagnosis.

  30. Ohhh that makes a lot sense then. Thank You for sharing that! I really hope you find the answers soon

  31. Okay. Im going to be trying to get into a rhuem soon with more testing would they change that to an SLE diagnosis or am i stuck with mild lupus as my diadnosis lol. (obviously assuming i had more labs that said it was clearly lupus or whatever which ik could take a long time)

  32. That’s a good idea. And the main thing though is to get the best and most appropriate treatment for our symptoms and cause—even if the label isn’t the most accurate although an accurate label feels best for US…that took years for me. Even longer than the years it took for a doctor to put me on plaquenil 🙄 lol So focus on that stuff and everything else will fall into place!

  33. Well im on plaquenil and I def have lupus but my lupus isnt active anymore the plaquenil made my labs all look better no more proteinuria no inflamation markers my antibodies all look normal so my lupus is good but it means we are now pretty sure I have a secondary illness causing me misery because im sicker than ever but they cant do testing for another few months which is a long story but it makes sense so in 3 months I have a follow up with my rheum and we are going to check hormones and stuff. Also planning on getting myself a referral to neurology I think things are going to be good. Just gotta survive the next month or so

  34. That’s a blessing!! My symptoms and numbers weren’t managed appropriately at all with plaquenil alone. I just wonder how they’re positive it’s a secondary illness 🤔and able to totally differentiate between the inflammation from Lupus and that of another autoimmune disease. I only ask because of my own story and many others I’ve read and heard, taking forever to find the correct treatment or mixture of treatments because something would work for months or years and then they’d feel unwell again and theyd along with their Drs thought it was a Comorbidity like rheumatoid arthritis (which I also have) or PSA, Sjogrens, sarcoidosis, etc but it was still lupus and they had to change their med protocol. Just thoughts but I DO hope you find and treat whatever is causing your issues soon!

  35. Well that is a question of character want vs need but I feel like much of the stoner movies: Pineapple Express, Big Lebowski, How High, Up in Smoke, SuperBad, Friday (literally at the end he says “And you know this man!” When it was said he was going to rehab for too much smoking. He’s not changing) only one that IS a bit different is one of my favorites Knocked Up.

  36. Honestly it has been quite a few year since I was on it so I don't remember the doses I was on but I do remember it being adjusted but when I continued to complain about the nausea and its possible connection I was told Plaquenil is a 'baby drug' and there was no way it was the cause. I was never offered an alternative, just more drugs to deal with the side effects, and their side effects and so on, I had a large zip lock bag full of pills I needed to take everyday. I went off all drugs eventually and changed my diet to the AIP. Symptoms still flare but its taken me many year to learn to compensate where I can and accept I have limitations. I also have EDS which turned out to be the cause of more of my problems than the mild Lupus I currently present with. Once I began to get treatment for EDS my Lupus doesn't flare as intensely as before. But I might just be lucky to have not had an more acute long-term flares. Thanks for asking, here's a novel lol

  37. Oh I love a good book! I read this whole thing cover to cover lol I have a friend who had terrible headaches from plaquenil so she had to stop taking it, but she did go back onto it eventually and she didn’t have headaches the second time. I could absolutely see that daily nausea and vomiting would be too much. I just always get concerned when I hear about people not taking any medications for their autoimmune diseases (especially lupus) because I have heard (and sadly know a couple personally) who stopped taking their medications because they “felt fine/better” and the next time they had a couple of flares, they passed away due to certain organ involvement. If they would’ve stayed on medication, their organs would have been safeguarded from such high levels of inflammation. So…that kind of worries me. But, if you don’t currently have any organ involvement at all and you get your routine labs every 3 months as we’re supposed to then they should be able to appropriately treat a flare prior to anything happening. An anti inflammatory diet is very important, too! I will say though that when I had started that I still needed my lupus medication. Yet you are correct, you are lucky! Hope you’re still well!

  38. He is assigned to protect a witness in a case at the time. I could have him want to take them alive to question them more, but it's just risky when protecting a witness if he attempts to take them alive?

  39. I’m not quite following or rather, confused about the what happened need there. If the protagonist is assigned to protect a witness in a case…then they’d do whatever necessary to protect said witness. That’s why there needs to be an objective that makes sense—like it’s more important for the specific assailants to be ALIVE than dead. Right? So whether that is questioning or perhaps they end up being tied to the witness sometime in the plot, maybe later on they’ll need to use that assailant as a pawn/informant etc. dunno.

  40. This could work. It's just I was also thinking of this before and wondered, why doesn't he just draw his gun first before doing anything else, fighting wise, unless maybe he is caught off guard...

  41. Right, I made a comment to answer this as well. He shoots them and a couple of non lethal wounds prior to getting into a fight with any of them. Solves several of your issues.

  42. That sounds cool. Like a spin on The Terminator meets the Divergent series. Is it “In a dystopian world…” or modern day? Just who are the two women in your logline that fall in love? You mention one woman who we can assume is the leader of the revolution, but there’s no actual mention of who the female is here. The bodyguard? I tripped up on & I read through 3x. Also, what is the inciting incident? Part of logline formula requires an inciting incident; we know your protagonist, the goal, and central conflict, now we just need your inciting incident—what important thing lead the protagonist on their journey? Congrats! Good luck 😊

  43. Im an absolute gym 🐀I used to go everyday twice a day. But 10yrs ago I just could NOT anymore. And when my rheumy found out I was trying to go back to the gym even once a day she wasn’t happy—I thought I had injured myself (knee) about 5yrs ago but nope!! It just swelled up to the size of an ostrich egg because of inflammation. I just can’t gym the gym anymore. BUT I still try to move—that’s a must. I go for walks when I can, I garden (evenings because I’m VERY photosensitive) and my doctor likes the gardening for exercise as it’s good strength training (carrying several 10lb bags of potting soil all over a patio and garden builds muscle alright!) But the most important thing is to ask your doctor 😊 I WISH I could exercise more! But my body ‘wishes I would try’!

  44. YES. Absolutely. My Dr actually told me that when my GI issues act up (including constipation and/or diarrhea) a flare is about to start. And if you are constipated, you do in fact have to take a stool softener or laxative—if it’s been a longgg time since bm, an actual laxative is needed. I also have endometriosis and after 3 surgeries to remove lesions on various areas🙄I have scar tissue too, yay! So, my doctors say to use stool softeners regularly—Miralax is one to use daily without issue—and colace 2 in 1 is great. I also sometimes have nausea out of nowhere. Dissolvable Zofran is excellent. I have it for my migraines so I know it works well. Please remember that you have a chronic condition and so those symptoms need to be treated—don’t be afraid or concerned about daily treatment as it’s needed. One can also get sick or even a bowel obstruction from being constipated too long. Hope you feel better soon

  45. As soon as I saw Vitamin D…I knew the sun was the flare trigger 😬we might think that’s a good idea but uhhh yah just take the supplement lol

  46. Before even attempting to answer cause it makes such a huge difference here— where will you be living for that time?