1. Brooo imagine if you two ended up together. The banter would be hilarious!

  2. I am being dead serious when I say this. Please dm me and explain how to use VLookUp

  3. Idk man I doubt he frequents this sub maybe it was just a coincidence

  4. He does he once even posted a story saying how reddit is crap

  5. This show seems so bad that I've added it to my hatewatch list to binge after my exams 😂

  6. If you hate watch it it'll get more views and they'll probably release more episodes. That's what happened with the new Velma TV series. It has an awful rating on IMDB (1.5 Stars out of 5) but a ton of people hate watched it so it's getting renewed for a season 2

  7. I'm gonna watch it on a site like 123movies or f1movies something (that won't change the ratings right?)

  8. at this point i feel these people are God’s equivalent of shitposting

  9. Serious answer: Hot ones got attention and pretty privilege and did not have to work extensively on their personality. Avg and ugly dudes have to grind

  10. I need help. I feel really lonely and empty. I don't really have anyone irl I can talk to. I wish I had that one friend who could be there for me. someone I could talk to. I don't really have any friends and I'm scared I'm going to end up alone and unloved. I have put myself out there and I tried to make a few friends but it didn't work out. What do I do?

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