1. I would at least start with minoxidil biotin and a good diet you will be surprised how much a healthy diet and water can effect your hair and results. I don’t think people understand that. Exercise drink water feel better less stress you will see awesome results.

  2. Looks perfect! It’s amazing the results even without min/fin :) I would jump on min too keep what you have left strong and healthy and continue with a balanced diet and you will be fine! :)

  3. Many are saying that finasteride must be used when getting a HT.

  4. Literally so many people have had successful transplants without finasteride. While I agree this guy definitely needed to be on meds, it is not always the case.

  5. Yes I will stay 3 days and book a holiday for Sydney before Istanbul instead of travelling around truely

  6. I’d say you should still go around and do it. If anything they’ll just increase security around the area like they did in sultanahmet area.

  7. I’ve booked in to Surgery Group UK based in Nottingham in December 2200-2400 grafts £4500 for the procedure heavily praised and reviewed on TrustPilot and the results I’ve seen from the few on here are good just hope my surgery goes well

  8. Don't just think Turkey if you want to add in leisure. Thailand, Brazil, Korea are options too.

  9. Korea hmm could be a good one! Idk about Brazil would be too hot haha. I wouldn’t mind checking out the UK

  10. Please can someone let me know if this seems legit I have just purchased from EBay.

  11. Hi, if you don’t mind me asking how long did it take for you to hear back after submitting your photos? I sent mine in several weeks back to FUEcapilar and it’s been quiet.

  12. It wasn’t too long maybe a week? Then fast contact usually within a day.

  13. Ok I’m using email so I may try whats app, I’m just worried about being denied, we will see. They do great work for sure

  14. Dude, you look older when shaven.

  15. Same. Works, runs at 30fps, played it literally earlier today lol. Have fun, Guardian!

  16. Oh awesome! Is that the Digital Edition? It worked fine?

  17. Thanks so much! I was worried because I purchased on Ps4 with the DLC it wouldn’t run on the Ps5 if/when i get one.

  18. I purchased Destiny 1 digitally on PS4 back when it was just Destiny.

  19. Oh God I know! I played D1 since the beta! I feel like it needed to be implemented from the get go! Lol now I’m like crying on a warlock with no mantle.

  20. Female opinion: you look way more confident and masculine bald. I love when men embrace it.

  21. It looks better then with hair actually even if it was a full stack of hair even

  22. Hold out mate. I had this exact situation, same hair type and style and I regret knowing I couldn’t grow it back to this again. Saying that though it’s liberating to not constantly analyze my receding hairline anymore

  23. What do you mean? You shaved your hair off and it didn’t grow back to the same length?

  24. I honestly think you pull those off really well

  25. I’m kind of in the same boat I just shaved off my hair and i had similar hair you and fair hair pics on profile if you want too see

  26. Can I have a user flair? I agree to follow the rules.

  27. Positive thing is, so many guys do it now there's alot of feedback from alot of clinics so you can do good research.

  28. Yes I’m looking into FUECapillar but I heard Dr. Bicer is amazing but long long waiting list

  29. Link? Yeah SOME SPANISH Dr I see on Instagram does the most amazing HT, esp hairlines with less grafts than most Turkish clinics I see.

  30. Here is the link. I have done a lot of research on Reddit. I believe Fue and Dr. Bicer are some of the best options.

  31. Long term studies have shown positive results in many. Some keep their hair for decades.

  32. Hi! What do you mean very close I don’t keep Up too date with too much of this stuff but I have a HT booked for April 2023. If you want you can see my posts on pages but I’m currently using minox and biotin pills and Nizoral x2 weekly. I do not want to use Finasteride and unbalance my hormones and things like that.. :(

  33. Ongoing trials for medication with less side effects are in the works.

  34. I know it does seem to look better if I shave it all off and a lot of you people have told me this.. I just can’t seem to get over myself and rock the baldy it sucks so much! Because the HT will cost me around £4000…

  35. Hmmm I can’t see it that’s okay I’m sure it looks amazing! :)

  36. I had it up for a bit but I don't like to leave my pic online

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