I think a kid is stuck inside the body of this 6'11 242lb monster

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  1. Bhai teri gf ko fasting karne bol anal sex k pehle. Phir lund pe ghu nahi ayega

  2. 'boys have to do that because they can't put that uhmmm you know in the toilet because that would hurt them' LMFAO!!

  3. bnda straight faxx bolta hai, bina kisi evidence ke murderer, women assault ke cases me jail me bnd hai. masculinity wapas laane me iska bhi bohot bda role hai :27428:

  4. 'And we will never look back, look back at the faded silhouette!!!!!'


  6. Context : Indian Drunk Tuk Tuk Driver (Tuk Tuk is an indian e-taxi) argued and dropped some foreigners at a wrong destination. Police got involved, they tried to talk to him but he ran away. Police Chase starts, Police ordered him to stop but he abuses them ,driver knew the streets and managed his escape to a nearest railway station successfully.

  7. you guys gotta hear juice wrld's unreleased 'LEFT', dropping link here if couldn't find it

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