1. Yes, I know. That's kinda why I wanted to post this. I just haven't found a good one to evolve yet so I'm waiting.

  2. same here but it's Magmortar lol

  3. would prefer having PLA arc over ScarVio tbh

  4. it's best to save up for a mass evolution (not sure if it's in your plan tho) during some spotlight hour or event which gives 2× evolve XP imo

  5. So at most I could stack 1 extra, if I’m understanding?

  6. You're gonna stack the special research NOT the radars

  7. I hatched one and evolved. Shitty moves and typing, but at least majestic as hell.

  8. I’ll never evolve my shiny Psyduck! 🥰 I don’t know what shiny Chansey looks like, I usually won’t look a shiny up because if I ever come across it in the wild it will be a nice surprise lol

  9. but you should checkout some shiny evolutions before considering to evolve them eg shiny Dragonite Tyranitar Slaking Garchomp etc as you might regret so much

  10. Name it "do not evolve" and hope they can read.

  11. do not evolve?! Why papa?? Aight imma evolve it to check it out! PRESS

  12. I can usually only make one raid a night if I even catch one sucks to being rural and nocturnal... Then there's the problem of getting people to join.

  13. you might still have some chance to catch it in the future g

  14. Anyways I'm already second page, did it last night when I tried for damn near an hour to get people into a regi raid, anyways it's not like there's anything else to do at night but beat rockets 🤷

  15. ah geez try to stack these research next time if you don't wanna catch Regice or Regirock

  16. Looks like I'll do a GBL battle for the Lickis.

  17. whenever there’s posts about this guy it’s either spawning in the middle of the night or in the middle of some abandoned place. or both. something fishy going on here..

  18. have seen Snorlax at my nearby stops several times too at freaking midnights wth wp RNG

  19. I've had 2 balloons at 12 am for 2 days since the event started so I'm not sure if this is a bug or intended

  20. 🫣 At least it wasn’t at the hands of a charmeleon!

  21. Wasn’t it a zombie though? I wouldn’t necessarily consider that alive.

  22. there were other zombies at Lavender Tower

  23. you might catch several of them at Hoenn global Tour too

  24. Lol they know. They've known for a while now. Maybe they will leave it be since this drives player engagement re: money.

  25. encourage us to stay longer to wait for shadow Mewtwos or any other legendaries too perhaps

  26. That's probably what it takes these days to prove you're not an AI.

  27. Huhr cun y0u explæin wHy ands the reasunz b3hind áLL 0f ðeeź nŭtż pl$???!??!??

  28. nah gonna catch his shadow Mewtwo before Feb

  29. Niantic: challenge accepted g we're gonna release way worse events

  30. what i wish somebody would say to me

  31. still ain't gonna match yours :wink:

  32. I tried that when I was gonna import my mum's old account into my old phone and it was hella annoying ngl then i juz gave up ofc

  33. I hate these stupid "keep it Shadow" posts... I have purified 4* Pokemon and 3* Shadow of the same, and they are insignificant! I've used them in raids and against Team Rocket Go and guess what? The 4* performs amazingly better. I know keeping them as Shadow is some "teehee secret that the developers don't want you to know about" but the reality is they are not very good.

  34. not worth to battle it imo especially when you're low on revives & potions

  35. add Mega Mewtwo to ur M2 gang in 2024+

  36. offense is way important than defense in raids

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