1. Almost got that 100 hr achievement bro!

  2. Y’all are so funny for holding this shitty ass hopium stock. If I told you guys that BBBY would be 59 cents a share when we were at $7 you never would have believed me and called me a shill lmao and downvote to oblivion. So glad I sold at $7 and made money lmo

  3. This is in California, Oh you are right just looked it up; #smartbuddyboy

  4. Thank you hahaha. Ive always wanted to see one of these in person its pretty cool you got to. Edit; wait this was in california? What part? Thats awesome im from the bay

  5. Frame rate still better then rtx 4090 on ksp 2

  6. Send it to a Catch a predator yt they will hunt him down. Don’t waste the moment, help free this world of people like him

  7. Bro the walle paintjob is the best work I have seen in a long long time

  8. Tyank you so much! I out akot if work and time I yo it! Ita one of ny favorite Pieces!

  9. I’m gonna wait until 30 cents then I’ll load up

  10. Seems like a straight line to 1 cent

  11. If these rast dips are still here in 10 days, Jules might just do it again.

  12. Hi it’s been 10 days how’s it lookin?

  13. You should electroplate it in a thin layer of gold or use some copper spray or something

  14. Hey guys im gonna buy the FLSUN Super Racer, yall recomend it?

  15. Well I just bought it, ill let you know how it runs

  16. Anything can be a 🔦you just have to have the balls to do it

  17. BBBY at 1 cent 💵💵💵💵💵

  18. Absolutely! Keeps its level, prints smooth, and easy to use

  19. That’s great! I might buy one. What were some hiccups you had?

  20. So a big hiccup at first was getting it leveled. Highly recommend you skip out on the auto leveling feature and do it manually. Much more even that way. That’s about the only thing

  21. How do you manually level a auto level printer?

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