Working my job at McDonald’s in the window a kind, older stranger didn’t hesitate to hand me this. Considering a few nights ago I was having bad thoughts this really made me happy aside from the money, the words mean more than anything ❤️

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  1. It’s. Chanel ring. I have the same one but in Black

  2. You are the Highway to Hell Angela

  3. The fact that he cared enough to go out of his way to make sure you were ok and give wisdom from his experience even though you may disagree with some parts of this letter, Is Beautifully human and moving.

  4. IQ is one thing. But your small dick is another. Don’t feel too bad it’s not your fault you were born less than blessed down there. No one wants to fuck a man with a small dock no matter how high his IQ. #IQ #ImpotenceQuotient

  5. I cannot even with this. I’m at a loss for words with this one.

  6. Hmmm hard call I love the extra bling factor and truly anything goes. But a thinner band my be better. But honestly it’s not our opinion that matters. How do you feel when you look at it? If your heart smiles go with it.

  7. He went through a family jeweler whine he buys watches from so I have a vague idea what he spent But he’s never actually shared the amount and I’ve never thought to ask.

  8. Yes that’s a housewife. LVP, Garcelle, Sutton aside.

  9. What fun thread! Here’s a little outfit I put together for an 80s them party on Friday. I love this suit so much as it’s high waisted baggy pants and aggressive shoulder pads in blazer are so iconically 80s I had to wear it to the party. Picture one I have in Burberry sneakers and picture 2 is the same outfit I wore months back with Givenchy heels.

  10. My wife loves the crappy ring I got her because it’s from me. Oh, it’s a real stinker of a ring - but damn do I love her. When she can’t look at my dumb face loving her, she can look at that dumb ring and I’m still loving her. My love is hers. I’m hers. That ugly monster ring is hers.

  11. Ha! Love this response and I am sure the ring is fire!

  12. I think she fell for Ed's lines about wanting to take care of her and her daughter. I've noticed he's said this multiple times to multiple women, all with children !!!!, and just in general. I don't think he knows how to love anyone but maybe himself, so he manipulates, Liz Is the only one who hasn't ran when they see his controlling "love"

  13. I could never trust a man with no neck to take care of me.

  14. You know what, after all the shit he did this season I think the neck and shortness is back up for discussion and made fun of. Previously, I felt bad for him because he just wanted to be loved. Asshole.

  15. True! I had equal amounts of empathy for him in the beginning.

  16. I like it without the spacer and with it!! How do you choose??

  17. The way she acted towards brandy on game night when Kim hid Brandys crutches; I’m convinced that’s the real Kyle and she’s been trying to hide it. And her annoying tommy pickles crying voice makes me cringe

  18. Yes and that’s why I was endeared to Brandi. It just made me so sad they treated her that way.

  19. I’m “Kyle’s defense” Brandi deserves everything she gets. Brandi acts aggressively because she wants attention. I won’t watch any real housewives with these two bozos on it.

  20. I have a theory on that. I remember there was a tweet a while back a black women tweeted that white men who date black women always go for the sexy ones. I did some research and found out most black women are considered obese over 82 percent. So are black women really loyal to black men or due to their obesity they have a hard time dating interracially and since black men love fat women they pretty much just stuck with black men. I saw a video of a black women on tiktok explaining it better

  21. This is the most absurd theory I have ever heard. I assure you Black Women are not obsessed with White Women. We don’t have that kind of time.

  22. Saying a Black Woman is jealous of a White Woman is implying that the White Woman has something we want. I assure you there is nothing they have that we aspire to.

  23. Celine Black Cat Eye frames and Rayban Aviators you can’t go wrong.

  24. Yeah, because guys first and foremost look at attractiveness before anything else. If you're ugly, unfortunately having a degree won't do much. I'm working towards my masters and hope to start my PhD in the fall, but because I'm ugly, I'm not even an option to most guys. So you need both looks and intelligence if you want to get someone

  25. Dahling I am sure you are Beautiful 🤩

  26. That’s just the reality of black women and men relationships. There’s several studies you can find online and there’s even a documentary on it

  27. This research is is interesting hit it is not saying that Black men are less interested in Black women due to their educational status. It seems the premise of this research is wholly centered on the lack of available partners gaps in marital and child attainment and the tendency to devalue us in comparison to our white counterparts by society at large. No where in this article is it saying that White Men are more appreciative of a Black Woman’s educational attainment than Black Men nor does it point to a need to shift their style as a result of dating outside their race.

  28. Okay, this is exactly what I've been considering - an actual coat closet with multiple options because I have a fairly varied wardrobe colour-wise and even having a couple of neutral coats doesn't always work. And I feel cold so much of the year, I would definitely get some use out of them.

  29. I have a pretty substantial coat closet that is exclusive to my collection. I am obsessed with coats and can never say no to Quaint Latellier and Nap. Their styles are iconic.

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