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  1. Yep I break out just like that! When I trim my outdoor plants and don’t wear long sleeves, it’s really bad! My arms swell up.

  2. you're 5 to 15 grows away from dense buds. it's not magic, and isn't nearly as hard as these folks trying to mystify are saying. it's just experience. keep at it. Read and practice. same as anything else worth doing. just practice the art.

  3. It is definitely an ART! Love all the information out there.

  4. Certain strains will intensify your anxiety. So be careful and do some research. I’m not sure what state you live in. So not sure if you have dispensaries available. You probably want to look into strains that are known to have more CBD than THC. Good luck! Does wonders for my depression and anxiety.

  5. Yeah too early to tell if it's male or female but I agree that it appears to have a deficiency. The new growth appears to be kind of yellowish. Since it's in the new growth it's probably an immobile nutrient deficiency. Maybe iron. Also the stems being puple can be a sign but sometimes it can be a genetic trait as well. Good luck

  6. I added some Calmag and brought the pH up to around six. I’ll give it a few days.

  7. Damn that’s a chunk! LOL. Congratulations on your new home!

  8. No clue based off what we have for info but you really gotta fill those net pots to the top 🤭

  9. Damn it! I knew I should’ve added more. Thanks for callin that out.

  10. I only do DWC and have had weird initial growth like this on many occasions. They usually turn out to be my best ones. I would ignore it and watch this girl explode. The roots are starting to navigate and once they find they’re path, this will all straighten out.

  11. I was wondering if the DWC could’ve been part of it. I will let her do her thing! Thanks!

  12. Wow! I must be doing something wrong! LOL The root structure is out of hand in that picture! My ladies are much younger but still! Nice work. DWC has been a challenge to get dialed in. What nutrients are you using?

  13. I have my Med Card, did you get it from a Dispensary then?

  14. Unless you like having horrible nasal congestion after skiing! It’s a game changer!

  15. I’d tell them to eat a bag of salty dicks!

  16. Get rid of that nasty $1! Do you have any idea where that’s been????😬

  17. How did your first 4 grows go? These are gonna be lady monsters!

  18. Blue Dreams has always been a sub par strain…mids at best from my experience.

  19. Binske is super legit! High quality brand! Absolutely love all their products! The Live Resin is the best I’ve had!

  20. PEOPLE….empty out the nasal spray. Fill with coke and water only. I do it all the time. Every time i show someone there mind is blow like OMG. Dude gave me $50 at a concert last weekend after i let him try 2 puffs because his mind was so blow. I may not get to show off doing lines in front of everyone but my nose is great and im probably higher than you because i dont have to leave public to sneak bumps. Ill do puffs at the show, puffs at the bar, puffs anywhere

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