1. I was thinking about Fox News but yeah the virtue signaling news outlets are also annoying.

  2. I’m a republican, but I’m not FULLY. I’m not super right wing. I’m very pro choice, for example. But I hate Fox News. They do the same bs. Some local fox channels are okay though.

  3. aezn says:

    Poor choice of words. This is Reddit

  4. That’s okay. I’m not a snowflake. I can easily post and ghost.

  5. I am the type of person who absolutely hates trailers and spoilers. I am convinced that it would be way better to use lines/scenes that just didn't make the final cut.

  6. I definitely find myself avoiding them more. I didn’t with the newest Jurassic world movie, that was my fault.

  7. Damn, yeah with a movie like that it would've been cool if some of the cast wasn't in the trailers like they did with spiderman! It was a complete shock to me that they had certain people and the theater starts cheerin and clapping!

  8. I have seen it, so I know. Crazy good!

  9. Watching my fiancée interact with my son. You could never tell that he isn’t her child. Love

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