Cougar stalks man for 6 minutes during run

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  1. Shhiitt put me in there all day! I love doing the soda cooler. It's the beer one that I absolutely loath

  2. Really? I hated soda cooler at my store, loved doing beer, also it’s loathe :)

  3. Forget the bong; is the shifter missing?

  4. It looks like they removed the shifter there on the left. Unless that's just a random wrench socket.

  5. Nah it was just out of frame, and that’s a wheel lock key

  6. It'd be helpful if you clarified what you mean when you say your exhaust is 2.25 inches? Your exhaust basically means the general system after the engine cylinders, unless you're talking about some kind of exhaust system component kit.

  7. Yeah that’s my bad bro, my pipe is is 2.25in in diameter

  8. Generally, a 2 1/4 after market muffler will have a slightly larger insert section if it doesn't you can grab a 4in long adapter section that does. A 2 1/5 pipe won't slip on a 2 1/2 pipe fyi.

  9. Alr thanks man, so I’ll buy the 2.25 inlet, thank you, and I’ll absolutely post an update video and tag you if you’re interested

  10. Does it have to be a motorcycle or could i just use the free elegy?

  11. I did the death bike method so for that one it has to be a bike cause It dupes the death bike into your clubhouse which only holds bikes

  12. Shit thanks bro, I got the update copying right now lmfao

  13. is it taking forever to copy for you too? it's been at it for almost an hour now and it's only at 60%

  14. Thank god nod man as of that comment I’ve been playing for a couple of mins

  15. You can see the floor let me know when you have one that you can't see the side mirror

  16. They're bald bro. Spent, cashed, used up, done, gonezo, over, dead, beat, dubbed, needing replacement. Also don't forget regular rotations! Every 6,000 miles

  17. Come in to get your tires rotated to keep the wear even every 6 to 8 thousand miles. We offer a free rotation and rebalance! And then that cust is never heard from again

  18. Lol how’d I get so many down votes? I’m speaking from experience. Unless your one of those nervous ass people behind the wheel I don’t see how you disagree.

  19. It’s a herd mentality thing, when someone downvotes, so does everyone else

  20. I get it boo too my feelings hurt, but then just don’t play MP? Is it that hard? Or maybe I don’t know, stop being so sensitive

  21. found the person whose brain was fried by 4chan nazis at a young age

  22. Dude what? I’ve never been on 4chan, I just don’t let peoples unfunny attempts at getting a reaction out of me, get a reaction from me

  23. I don't see any defaced monuments or broken windows. Why were they gassed again?

  24. Hi there, I was there in the front, so exactly what happened? People got violent. They started kicking and banging on the glass sliding doors, almost took em down too, that’s when they deployed the gas, I don’t wanna say they were right for what they did but we did become a riot, it’s still fucked up that we didn’t get a warning, keep in mind it was only a couple that got violent, I started pulling my gf away when I saw the cans fly away

  25. Sure did. The top story has a bit of a balcony so not many saw it coming. Shoutout to the guy in the gas mask still holding up his sign in a deep cloud of it.

  26. I know I saw him pull it out it looked fucking awesome

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