1. I’ve found I generally have to rely on a Google image search to see the actual models.

  2. You should have them unlocked once the DLC is installed:

  3. I want to base my army using the same 25mm round skirmish bases as the rest of my collection, so I designed this low model count sabot base. It’s 120x60mm, two ranks of four infantry or one rank of four cavalry. Is this legal?

  4. R97R says:

    Shouldn’t be any issue with it. Hail Caesar doesn’t have any strict rules on bases, just suggestions for frontage- there’s tables on what the writers prefer on page 14 (for individual models) and 16 (for units) of the old rulebook, although a new edition has come out so they might have changed.

  5. R97R says:

    £40 here in the UK… I dread to think how pricey 10th will be at this rate.

  6. R97R says:

    Can I ask how you did this? I’m planning on doing the same!

  7. R97R says:

    I don’t think so, they look to be WHFB Handgunner models.

  8. If they were a civil war buff they’d use a real confederate flag not the one that got popular decades after the war ended. This is just a lost causer larping.

  9. R97R says:

    For what it’s worth you do really often see this version of the Confederate flag on wargaming miniatures, if I’m not mistaken it was actually used as a battle flag by parts of the confederate army as the war went on, as a result of people having difficulty immediately distinguishing the actual confederate flag from the US one at the time during battle.

  10. I feel they would’ve mentioned it by now if that was the case, unfortunately. Would definitely buy a feathered variant DLC, though!

  11. None have been phased out so far!

  12. This subreddit is for the wargaming Hobby, not Wargaming the company- I think you’re maybe looking for

  13. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of retro-style animals in future too if they keep on making more DLCs, but it is nice to have the possibility of both “classic” Jurassic Park/World stylisation and designs that are more in line with modern paleo-art.

  14. The designers really knocked it out of the park!

  15. I’m honestly quite glad that the 10th trailer was more “humanity is fucked” rather than “Spess Marines, fuck yeah!” as the previous edition’s reveal was. Seems more appropriate for 40K as a whole.

  16. Man, Doctor Who has some great lines on occasion.

  17. One thing that’s worth noting is that different colour schemes were common among the legions (IIRC in Fulgrim it’s mentioned the Emperor’s Children have more than a hundred approved colour schemes).

  18. No, we just stopped getting updates afterwards. Next major communication was JWE2’s announcement a year and a half later.

  19. What was the thinking behind having 22 identical versions of the same rule with different names, anyway?

  20. Removing the need to carry the Core Rulebook everywhere, while making them sound more appropriate for the army involved. Then it devolved to "Everything is on the datasheet, you only need your Codex...and the latest FAQ...and all the campaign books."

  21. Cheers! That explains it.

  22. Yeah demigods are cool and all that, but we’ve got actual new Termagant models, so I still think the nids win this round.

  23. Some of us are just desperate for new shrikes.

  24. I’d recommend the Rubicon one over the Warlord one, though

  25. The frustrating thing is there’s still no good plastic standard werewolves.

  26. There were some SBGL reveals?

  27. New battletome and a new foot hero!

  28. My hope is that it’s not a replacement for the current ‘fex, and the existing one either stays the same or gets an updated model with a similar design to the one we have now (a la the Termagants).

  29. New Headcanon: The Lion talks with Liam Cunningham’s Thrones accent.

  30. Really? That’s great! Are they on the WarCom site?

  31. Hormagaunts are almost given, but I really hope Warriors won't get a refresh any time soon.

  32. I’m somewhat torn, as they’re one of my favourite models, but especially with the new Gaunts, I feel they could use an aesthetic update to match the newer ‘nids, alongside the SM2 version of the Warrior we see in the trailer.

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