1. https://giphy.com/gifs/WrxoaVPiq0cG4

  2. Hector probably thought Walt not only got Tuco killed but was also working with Gus. His first thought was more than likely INTENSE hatred. After hearing Walt's offer I'm sure he still hated Walt but Walt nailed it, there is some he hates more than Walt. I bet he was instantly on board with Walt's plan.

  3. Like, “Okay… yes, I hate you, but I hate Gus WAY more”

  4. Not if you’re a toilet in Better Call Saul 😜

  5. Van Der Graaf Generator - Still Life. It contemplates what death exactly means, and what the consequences of immortality can bring.

  6. Truthfully, as soon as I was done listening to that song for the first time, I was just like “Thank the stars above I get to die.”

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