1. Also unrelated but the area where my appendix is , is really hurting rn

  2. My god I may have never thought about it but living the the grater north american are I've never thought that much of the privilege I have to live as who I am with out such negative and homophobia, that being said I'm not out the my family but at school there is few alot no homophobia and that shit docent fly, I don't know where you live but to think places in the world still have this stigma agents our people, it's discouraging.

  3. I’ll try to give not to much info cuz I don’t wanna doxx myself , but to answer your question ; I live in Colombia and go to a school for kids of families that are fairly wealthy , the way homophobia flows thru my school through it’s because like the country of Colombia as a whole the school has much bigger issues to deal with than equality for a very small group of students, and tbh the problem is not only for the queer people, if you’re autistic, you’re kinda gonna get a hard time too, there’s only one autistic student left but he goes thru quite a lot. Worse thing is how the school has a zero tolerance fighting policy most bullying is mental and psychological making it worse to some extent , but giving them credit , most people even if homophobic are not completely irredimible, and there’s a weird sense of community where even I’m included sometimes as the quiet kid. Thank you for listening to this second rant of mine

  4. Your welcome I tend to rant a lot myself, well I'll keep this short but if you're lucky your country may see social change that lets more people of different gender sexuality and metal disabilities, get rights it may take time but being hopeful for the future is always a good thing.

  5. Tbh this is mostly a school ranting , LGBT rights in my country are decent, we have LGBT people in possessions of power and such , I take what’s happening at my school more like “Teens being edgy” and trying to understand the world more than my country being homophobic, but thank you for the kind words and encouragement ;)

  6. a healthy sleep shedule is a good thing to have. i give you... two hours to complete all of your deeds. and then you will fall asleep, and will have a very good and saturated 8 hour long slumber. the time starts now.

  7. nice. it is how it is should be. now, put your phone aside, get your blanket ready, and start the slow fall into the sleep embrace.

  8. Piece of advice, most men are so deprived of compliments, that a single "I like your hair" can make him become interested in you

  9. One of the best MUs for a rap battle I heard in a long time , shocked not even a fan battle has been made

  10. A quiet place ,I am Legend or American Psycho are some real great movies

  11. Some of y’all too nice by hiding the names of this losers , I would fucking doxx them if I had the chance

  12. Feeling good , I’m entering exam season so it’s gonna be tough but we keep the head up

  13. Shifu Oogway Korosensei Mr. Miyagui Johnny Lawrence Daniel Larusso All Might Splinter

  14. Shifu, Oogway, Korosensei, Mr. Miyagui, Johnny Lawrence, Daniel Larusso, All Might, Splinter, Captain Holt, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Uncle Iroh, Ford

  15. Paddington Ted Yogi Freddy Fazbear Cocaine Bear Baloo Ice bear (We Bare Bears) Po Gummy Bears Smokey The Bear Wojtek the polish bear Banjo The 3 bears crime family The Care Bears Monokuma Lotso Huggin Bear (Toy Story) Bear (Marsha and the Bear) The Monster Bear (Scooby-Doo) Sonia (Madagascar 3) Cindy Bear (Hanna Barbera) Mor’du (Brave) Norm (Norm of the north)

  16. The fact his Walt Disney performance ain’t here , is kind of a crime

  17. My masculinity, my dignity, my body hair and also I’m 999% sure those outfits are expensive as shit

  18. same shit happened to me! try to enter to the social interactions in a way you are comfortable to! i took the introverted president route, everything depends on who you are and how do you feel!

  19. I mean with everyone in this sub being a degenerate, we expect nothing from ourselves

  20. Oh yeah , specially last months , I even deleted this app and other for a couple months trying to go out more , but it’s just hard for me to meet people irl , and also don’t have a place to meet new ones irl

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