1. What is your skin type?? Which one worked well on your skin??

  2. My skintype is Sahara desert dry,sensitive, dehydrated skin. The one that works the best on my skin is cerasoft imf and atomist.

  3. Okay. My skin type is also like yours. I'm searching products with ceramides which is not too heavy and sticky yet hydrating and moisturising.

  4. Then you can use atomist lotion or excela lite in summers,these are best for summers and they don't feel heavy at all.Cerasoft imf or cebhydra in winters,it's a little thick and it's perfect for winters. This is what I use.

  5. Wow I've never heard of this brand.I have to try using it.TO niacinamide never worked for me.It causes a lot of purging.

  6. Is there a original version of rec? As far as I know there are part 1 and part 2 but which is the original version?

  7. I actually enjoyed Deadstream quite a bit when I didn't think I would.

  8. Yea yea,correct me if I'm wrong,it's about that influencer who tries to get into the Haunted house right?

  9. I’m going to do the obligatory As Above, So Below (2014) post. Also, I dug 1974: La Posesion de Altair (2016).

  10. My ultimate go to for found footage will always be Cloverfield. The hype for that movie when it was first announced was crazy, and for me, it didn’t disappoint.

  11. I think she went through those comments about her personal life. I don't remember exactly which post but the one where her ex created a fake account and spoke bad about her.

  12. I remember commenting on dolly about her insta reels that she recommends prescription based products and someone literally abused me in the DM. I think it was definitely dolly herself.

  13. It's alright. I checked the link you provided for this hylogel.Most probably we require prescription because they have mentioned its not suitable for sensitive and dry skin.That could be the reason.

  14. During my school days, I used to have the exact feelings like you do now. But if you like being competitive and you're just doing it for yourself then definitely continue and you need not give up that. As infj people get intimidated by us and I have no reason for that. I guess it should be because we don't follow crowds.We just mind our own business. My advice to you would be stop worrying about others,coz you didn't cause any harm to them.And don't react to people who try to push you down and spoil your mental peace.If you are giving up something that you really like,it's still going to hurt you.

  15. Woahhh there's a lot of experiences for me.Sorry for the long post.😅

  16. I ca relate to your point about group vs individual, I’m going through the sam thing at work. It’s almost like they are offended that I’m not part of their inner circle, so they devote themselves to passive aggressive bullying when they are together, but they are always super respectful when they meet me one on one. It’s really pathetic to be honest, some people just don’t have any self-respect..

  17. Oh Dude!!Great Progress..Congrats😊 I'm gonna keep you as my role model from now.

  18. I essentially hid certain aspects of myself, because I received negative feedback when expressing those aspects as a child. I wanted to avoid this negative feedback at all costs, after all I was completely dependent on my family for my needs, so I repressed these aspects from the light of consciousness.

  19. Dude pls don't get this.Are you from India? If yes,I'm from India too and it really never worked. As of now I've been taking the "electral powder" you can get it easily from local pharmacy. They have different quantities in it ,so you can choose the one that suits you.But this electrolyte tabs pls it's worse. I'm still looking for a good Indian brand,preferably a pharmacy one. If you find something, pls do let me know as well. But this brand does nothing dude.

  20. Can we remove questions like this?

  21. Exactly. It varies from person to person,which also includes other health aspects. I started fasting last year and I still remember, I did fasting for one week and I was able to lose only 4kgs because of pcos and my friend was able to lose 10kgs. Despite being active and following a proper routine that was what I achieved for a week. Then it got improved gradually, I was consistent ,I did not rush and I was patient. I started losing weight only when my bloating was reduced.So it's a process. What one person achieves is not same for the other person.Like you said discipline and practice is the key.

  22. MODS ‼️ Neetu ka Nalayak ko flair banao please 😭

  23. Omg I was searching for this comment🤩 she is so underrated. These awards are just so biased.

  24. Dude I exactly came here to comment on this. These days whenever I see anything about akhil and Jay shetty,I see a lot of similarities. Be it the captions on insta ,his mannerisms etc etc I see a lot of Jay shetty..

  25. I’m using vitamin C provided by dermat for my hyperpigmentation and acne scars, instead of that can I use ordinary 10% niacinamide and zinc serum?

  26. I had other issues also apart from fine lines. eczema , acne , pigmentation around the mouth , Back acne and hair fall.

  27. I get this and have been exploring it more. Turns out it can be due to repressed anger. Anger has never been an emotion that I could sit comfortably with, or express fully. That anger that has been repressed and stored for so long now that when something arises that should “anger” me - my natural response is to cry. A form of emotional release. It’s like I’ve reached my limit on how much anger can be stored, so instead of expressing rage, or anger - the tears flow

  28. Yes. With lots of monster like screamings, too. I look like am legitimately going crazy.

  29. The shaking feeling and the tired is what always gets me. Even today I went to my favorite stores and afterwards I was completely zapped.

  30. For me personally what has helped is I always carry water bottle mixed with electrolytes in it. That really helps.You can try this as well.

  31. No idea ..just checked it ..looks like a different story with different cast 🧐 ...may be he shot for this before and was replaced with different actors and story 🤔

  32. Yes I just now checked wiki. Looks like he is in cameo appearance.He plays the character Tej.

  33. Oh looks like writers added their own twist to the copy pasted version. This could be silas - Amara track

  34. Hi,how are you feeling right now? I was prescribed the same last year due to low vit D and B12 levels. My B 12 was extremely low and I had to get B12 shots. You can add Vit C if you feel your skin is dull. You can also try other antioxidants.

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