1. Please look up "Finishing Schools". They died out in the 70s - 80s. Inform yourself.

  2. Lmao, you’re trying to talk about something that died out in the 80s… c’mon dude😂🤦‍♂️ you don’t need to learn everything about taxes, just the basics.

  3. You are really passionate about this subject lol.

  4. Lmao, we have libraries too… but they still need to be informed on said books. But hey, you just keep blaming people for stuff they don’t know… because you think they just need to “know” I don’t think you’re as smart as you think you are😂

  5. LMAO! You’re very ignorant and uneducated dude😂😂 I love your whole attitude tho, it shows how you’re not that smart😂 you do realize that antiwork is more about unionizing right? And how the workforce is tired of being underpaid, undervalued, and overworked… it’s more about workers rights… so maybe you should actually have some knowledge on this topic before spouting off your shit😂 you have no idea what their situation is, and in most of Canada $20/hr is not a living wage. So thank you for proving that you aren’t credible… you own a house I guess and pay all your bills on that wage?

  6. No hope bro. Move on, find someone else and don’t cheat on them

  7. We were going to be engaged and he was going to marry me in a few months after. We had a fight and he basically told me afterwards he wasn’t sure he loved me as much as I love him and so then we broke up. He wanted to get back together and so the engagement was back on, but then I kept bringing up how I could ever be sure he loves me as much and he’d say if I can’t be sore we can’t be happy. So when we were in this weird limo where he’d re assure me we’re going to be married, but I didn’t feel any security, my ex messaged me for the 1838383848 time.. and I agreed to meet with him and person for the last time. I wanted to keep it a secret but I couldn’t and told my bf at the time that I met up with him for transparency, but only told him we didn’t have sex (which is true) but not everything else. He decided to cut me off and not answer me on anything, but recently he added to our Amazon list for future house stuff, but still hasn’t messaged me and it’s been over a week.. so I’m just hoping at this point :/

  8. Just fucking move on. If you truly loved your bf then you wouldn’t have gone over with your ex and done shit. Break it off and be done.

  9. Same, I have a 2001 Jeep that I’ve put $45k of upgrades into it😂

  10. My Jeep lmao, it’s a 2001 Jeep Wrangler TJ. I’m big into off-road driving. I bought the Jeep for $7k 4 years ago and I put in $45k of just upgraded into it lmao. Oh well, I love it even tho it gets 8mpg😂

  11. I’m seeing everyone saying it’s used, I must be looking for jobs in the wrong places, anyone have a general idea of where to look?

  12. A pickup truck in general. 90% of people who have one don't freaking need it and have the most spotless beds ever. I'll live and die by hatchbacks personally.

  13. And your point is what exactly? People can’t drive what they want anymore?

  14. I don't own a car but prefer to live in an aparment near a skytrain station, works out amazingly

  15. You’ll never see me live in a city… my gf and I bought our house at 24 y/o in November of ‘22. Small town where everyone knows everyone, we are 5 minutes away from a bit bigger town with a grocery store, I’m 5 minutes away from my volunteer FD which I’m on etc. I hate cities

  16. It happens more with gtaw what should I do just back away more

  17. Any and all welding UV light no matter what the process you’re using is going to do this to clothes. You can’t stop it, you have a welding arc that is literally the sun right in front of you. Just replace your clothing when it’s not good anymore, this isn’t a big issue

  18. The best advice I can give is after school apply to you local union halls to get a welding apprenticeship through a union. Union will give you the best pay, benefits, pension, better protection against wrongful dismissal, more access to training and better quality education and a better quality of life.

  19. Oh yeah, almost always. I do love sitting around drinking a beer or whisky while chilling on the couch and listening. But most of the time my gf and I are cooking breakfast or dinner, eating, or doing chores around the house!👍🏻

  20. Well one thing about boomer mentality they did make sacrifices and work hard to get ahead. My parents went with very little luxuries for themselves to get ahead.

  21. LMAO! Well for 1 there wasn’t nearly as many luxuries back then, so you can’t say that they sacrificed so much in terms of luxuries… and cost of living wasn’t nearly as expensive so they could get ahead easier than we can today… but where you’re also mistaken is the fact that you are claiming that everyone has the newest and best tech, that’s not the case. You’re only going off what the idiotic boomer headlines are telling you😂 go on bud… tell me how making all these sacrifices make for a comfortable life… the wages haven’t risen nearly as much as they should, and cost of living plus the cost of housing/rent is astronomical

  22. Yea things have gone up but from my life experience most of the people I see who are struggling have nice stuff. People over spend so much. So many people must drive nice cars. Sure life is tougher but people are not willing to make any sacrifices or work hard.

  23. Lmao, you need to get out of the house sometimes bud… the vast majority of people aren’t driving really nice cars. Plus the fact that a normal everyday vehicle now is $30k+ if you want anything newer that’s decently safe and gets decent fuel economy. These “sacrifices” you speak of include people overworking themselves for a company that doesn’t give a shit about them and having 0 social life… don’t pull that BS bro. You’re not making any good points

  24. Another proud Boilermaker member here, hell yeah! Union strong💪🏻

  25. I’ve noticed the “keep them uneducated” happen before but never understood why that occurs, wouldn’t a company want their employees to thrive?

  26. You would think right? But the reason why they keep employees uneducated is so they

  27. That’s so fucked, thanks for letting me know. Now, are there any signs that a company will show that lets you know they are not trying to keep you uneducated?

  28. I guess the thing I can say is that if they are a good company who wants you to succeed then they will have all the SDS sheets available for you to read, they will tell you about the hazards associated with welding (such as fumes, and UV light) but also about whatever material you are welding.

  29. Well… I’m a welder, in Canada and right now it’s -14 Celsius with a -23 windchill so I’d say my job would be pretty terrible naked🤷‍♂️

  30. Meh, they are too expensive for the amount of off-road capabilities that are on par with Jeep😜

  31. Fuck yeah, as a Jeep guy this makes my soul happy!🤙🏻

  32. Taxes (such as income tax and how you are taxed) how to do tax returns, basics of investing, and budgeting. Those are things I wish I learned in high school.

  33. Incorrect. What will happen is an accelerated version of what was already happening. More big business and less small business. Monopolies like Walmart and Weston will benefit while small businesses like the local grocers and retailers will die. Just look around. What business gets most of your disposable income per month? Amazon or the corner store? Tim Hortons or a local coffee shop?

  34. Lmao, if a company can’t “afford” to pay their employees a living wage then they don’t deserve to own a business… fuck off with your bs bro, I love local shops as much as the next person. But that does not justify shitty wages

  35. That doesn’t compute with making profits. Also, consumers generally don’t like to pay more for something by shopping at a mom and pop store just to make a point.

  36. What was the chemical? And did you get a report or response from poison control on the situation. Sounds to me like it was probably just cleaning chemicals and everything was fine. Unless it smelled like natural gas from a stove/oven or a furnace?

  37. It was from someone spray painting stuff in the basement of the building

  38. Ah, so probably didn’t have good enough ventilation outside. Interesting lol

  39. Just the way you make these claims about the very few people who can actually make money off that bs and justify it lol

  40. So if it’s dumb that means something else is true, as I said a FEW people do make money off it.

  41. No, I think MLMs are a scam and very few people can actually make money. I laugh when people try to justify them or make them sound good😂

  42. 100K is def high paying What exactly is your trade?

  43. Yeah. So not sure what buddy was talking about😂🤷‍♂️ I’m a Boilermaker pressure welder, my work is in the oil refineries, chemical plants, generating stations, and when I want I can work in the nuclear power plants

  44. I clearly said with family. Happy for you for age 24. Keep up.

  45. That all depends on your expenses and your lifestyle. Also contrary to popular belief not everyone lives in these giant cities like Toronto🤷‍♂️

  46. Thanks again. i appreciate all the info. These are things i definitely needed to hear and helped a lot with me, choosing what i should do career wise with welding.

  47. Hey no problem, I’m glad to help out! I totally understand, I was in a non union Mig production welding shop before I went union, and I’m proud of myself and how far I’ve come already! I’m always advocating for more people to join unions even if it’s not the boilermakers!

  48. Im super pro union as well, im currently in one now and def didnt want to lose all the perks for a non union job

  49. Linkin park is up there high on my favourite artists list honestly, I just bought the Meteora album on vinyl actually!

  50. Eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns and coffee with the gf while listening to vinyl LPs🤙🏻

  51. Absolutely, sometimes I had a rough day at work welding, sometimes I have rough emergency calls that I respond to in the middle of the night, sometimes I’m stressed, sometimes I’m cool and happy, but yes I do want to be held and told I’m loved. I’m so grateful for my gf of 8 years, she’s been my rock since high school and we just bought a house together. She does this almost every night, it’s amazing

  52. Question or maybe a couple for your 7018 roots, I ve been trying to get these down recently but have very little info. I've seen to switch the leads to dc- which I do. Also I use a root with a 3/32 land and a 3/32 gap but get minimul penetration or just burn through not long after i start. I think I run my heat around 80-85 rod a little angled up. What heat do you run yours, should I face the roe straight into the root? Any other tips you could think of?

  53. I’ve heard of people switching the leads to DCEN but I’ve always run my F4 with DCEP. For the most part I run a 3/32 land on the bottom, a 1/8 land on the top and with a 3/32 gap and 3/32 rod I’m angled slightly upward. For the root I start at 80 amps and when I move upwards in the 6G position I turn the heat down as needed, I’ve run the rest of my root at anywhere between 75-78 amps depending on the fit up.

  54. Thanks for the reply seriously . I was thinking about going back to DC+ just to see so I will deff do that. One thing I forgot to ask to you drag/pull the rod or do you move it side to side a little?

  55. No problem👍🏻 you don’t want too much movement because the more you move around the more you increase your chances of opening a giant key hole or undercut or trapping slag, but just a bit of oscillating up and down to help the puddle flow from top to bottom and back to top🤙🏻

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