US approves sending of 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine

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  1. Forgive my ignorance. How could these be delivered to Ukraine? Would it enter through the Bosphorus? Or is there a river big enough to traverse? Or would it be delivered land based and enter around Odesa?

  2. Rhine to Danube through a canal and then to Black Sea.

  3. It's funny how you keep coming up with ridiculous essays why the tanks won't work out. Like out of the mouth of a ruzzian pidar bot

  4. I mean, no. It’s a nice technique to attack people who disagree with you as Russia bots.

  5. It is a very good plan to send mixed fleets with all the logistics, because then you can adapt and decide what works best. Else you don't have any option at all. The Leopard 2 might be the most suitable, but did you personally test the Leopard 2 in Ukraine?

  6. But if they fail is it because of logistics issues? Or because of the tank itself. It’s not that straightforward. I think you try the leopards and if they prove vulnerable you ask for Abrams. I think the German A6 Leopards especially are going to be very effective.

  7. None of existing tanks can survive antitank wepons, maybe the new Abrams and russian T14. Are the only ones that can survive modern antitank wepons

  8. T14 is vaporware. It’s unclear if it’s even operational in any sense or if it’s active defenses work.

  9. It has modular armor, plus v shaped hull. The posterior armor is thinner. It has measures to protect it from top down attack. The engine block is in front which helps but it’s hardly the tanks main armor. It’s biggest issue is it’s size which makes it not airlift capable.

  10. Digging back in my brain, I think people like the Michelin across climate 2s?

  11. Looks like the ISIS terrorist may have been shot too.

  12. Hey, prevents drunk driving by making it hard to get into the vehicle.

  13. How stupid can they be? Your enemy has one of the most capable cyber warfare units in the world and you still film and post your shit up

  14. Also this video is hardly impressive. A dirty room, some very rudimentary bombs. And then they make a traceable video which the IDF traces.

  15. IDF is a conscript army, not a professional army

  16. They have professional elements and conscript armies aren’t as much of an issue as you make it out to be if you properly train and lead your people, which the IDF does.

  17. The whole concept of the BMPT is pointless. It's a tank hull with the armament of an IFV.

  18. I think the concept has promise but in a different role. If they gave it a radar that could target drones it could be a useful accompaniment to tanks. Particularly if it also has dual purpose missiles that can hit drones/ helicopters and tanks.

  19. As of now anyway. But it’s still being worked out. The US wants to send brand new tanks fresh out of the factory. That would take forever when Russia needs them now.

  20. You mean Ukraine needs them now. Anyways America could use existing stockpiles to rebuild the existing tanks to export standard and it will take time to train crews and support teams. Also will take time for logistics support.

  21. Fuck, I meant Ukraine. But Russia needs them to get the fuck out too hah

  22. The gas turbine is thirsty and has some unique maintenance requirements. Sure T80s have turbines too, but they are also fuel thirsty and maintenance heavy. Logistics matter as much as vehicles and soldiers. Simply Leopards are a better fit, and can be fielded faster.

  23. I think western tanks will make a difference in Ukraine, but they Abrams they get will have the export armor without the DU which has been shown vulnerable in Saudi and Iraqi service.

  24. I mean, expensive to operate, likely wouldn’t be sent with longbow, still vulnerable to everything from shoulder fired SAMs to S300s - even small arms. Steep learning curve for pilots.

  25. This is kind of how the BM-21 was intended to be used but with even more launchers to completely saturate a massed enemy armor formation position either ahead of a break though or defensively.

  26. That is a massive white out explosion, was that a 60mm mortar round?

  27. Chances are Ukraine captured it from Russia in the first place.

  28. This is all great but how do Leopard 2 and Abrams tanks hold up against modern anti-tank missiles? Pro-Ukraine here, but I've seen so much Russian stuff taken out by various means, are these new tanks better to survive such hits which will inevitably come? I do hope they are a game changer.

  29. Especially because the Abrams will have the export armor and leopard A4 have the older armor set. I think these will help. They aren’t going to be silver bullet people make them out to be.

  30. They are unlikely to get DU armor or DU shells. Not to mention the DU shells are concerning as environmental hazards and the Ukrainians don’t want to poison their own land.

  31. The question now though is more so.... Why not just sent the Leopards or Abrams to Ukraine then? The seal has been broken.

  32. Abrams aren’t coming soon. Ukraine needs the supply chain and training and the surplus Abrams we have are domestic versions with DU armor. That’s still classified and not going to Ukraine. So Ukraine needs export versions and to be trained on those. That’s not happening soon.

  33. Nothing wrong with a deal that benefits both Ukraine and Slovakia. If them getting some new tanks means Ukraine gets tanks as well then it could be win-win. All depends on the details.

  34. Especially since Ukrainians are trained on those tanks. Slovak t72s go to Ukraine today and Slovakia gets Leopards tomorrow. Win-win.

  35. So they now have Abrams, Chally 2s, Leo 2s, CV90s and Bradleys.

  36. Unlike the other tanks you listed, the Abrams isn’t coming soon. They can’t just take abrams from existing stocks because those use domestic only depleted uranium armor and have to be converted or newly built export versions to be sent.

  37. The export Abrams armor is going to be a bit less capable than the domestic depleted uranium stuff.

  38. Group B with today's material science would be fun again

  39. I think the issue was the combination of power, with lightness, with dangerous courses and primitive traction control. We could likely create insanely powerful and light rally cars with better safety features and computer controlled drive trains but at those speeds and similiar courses it would still likely be deadly.

  40. do WRC drivers even use traction control? I thought they turned off all driver assisted functions like traction control and ABS because it fucks with their driving

  41. Sorry wasn’t sure what to call whatever the computer is doing. But I assume modern cars have computer adjusted central diff to determine power distribution.

  42. Generally the cars are the same mechanically and the XSE tires are kind of crappy. The panoramic roof is more prone to chipping and expensive. I don’t love the two tone color scheme of the XSE. Both trims now have the 6.6 kWh charger but I rarely would need it anyways since most of the time the car charged up overnight on the 110v fine. The rear lift gate kick sensor would be nice but not essential.

  43. So we literally had the means to create a paradise and we squandered it for money

  44. Not quite. People back then didn’t understand pollution or global warming. Cars were a big breakthrough and oil one out. It allowed for a lot of progress that did make many peoples lives better.

  45. No they did 100% know. In 1896 they predicted it

  46. The had some data, but I don’t think it was truly appreciated by the public, governments, and scientists.

  47. The dash, infotainment system are all pretty awful. The buttons aren’t back lit and not really logically placed around the car. The car isn’t great in rain and snow on its oem tires. I think that’s partially the tires fault but the car is heavy with a high center of gravity. The brakes are ok. Turning radius is ok. I agree with the weird antilock issue going over bumps. Switch from regen to mechanical brakes is clumsy. The extra plastic bits on the exterior are busy. The gas engine vibrates and is noisy. People one here who claim it’s a performance vehicle haven’t driven a performance vehicle. It does accelerate quickly, but that it.

  48. Dude is also probably an anti-semite, with his use of (((they))). I wouldn't even bother responding to him.

  49. Can you clarify the meaning of the triple parentheses?

  50. Link didn’t work but I was able to pull up the Wikipedia article. Good lord, why do the alt right and neo Nazis insist on these stupid phrases/ notations/ lingo/ signaling. The idea behind the triple parentheses is stupid, if you aren’t aware of it then once you look it up you realize they are bigots, and the logic behind it is stupid. The neo Nazi/ alt right/ fascist are such losers.

  51. It's too volatile at this time, people need safe heaven for every little coin. There's no surplus of money whatsoever to invest. Also people still make lines to cash out from ATMs, many don't like debit, imagine trying to make those people use qr systems.

  52. I mean, compared to the Argentine peso, Bitcoin might be downright stable.

  53. Well they can sit there and have a chance to survie or they can pull bavk and fet shoot by the NKDV...äh Wagner and Kaydorvits....

  54. Agreed, tactically this is FUBAR and I guess everything I described wouldn't be helpful much but damn, do something at least. Watching them just stand around with suicidal apathy is nuts.

  55. A part of me gets it… they advanced on a position, it’s a trap. Normally they would call in counter battery fire or air support but their army lack that kind of coordination. They could advance and hope to take the fight to the enemy but the chances are that their own side will not follow them and capitalize on the break and they will end up isolated far from their front lines without support. That leaves retreat but there is a good chance they will be punished possibly shot for that. So kind of, what’s left to do? Except what’s left, just stay there is guaranteed destruction. I guess they could surrender, but the mechanics of that means getting to Ukrainian front lines while surrendering.

  56. I mean, Argentina has a huge population of Italian descent and it has even affected the language so Argentine Spanish sounds like it has Italian cadence.

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