Probable Cause Affidavit has been released to the public.

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  1. What are some safe areas to buy a home and what are areas to avoid? Budget about 1-1.5m.

  2. Brushy Creek / Avery Ranch is one of the safest in the metro area

  3. Korean - H Mart. I know, I know. But, H Mart (Narrow Street in particular)

  4. Curious if you have any favorite items at H Mart?

  5. Got my new property tax assessment. Up 32% in one year....

  6. Curious what area you live in that has such an increase? Hopefully you don't have high state income tax too?

  7. I have a 2021 model Y that I love. I would love to trade up to a 2023 for the better suspension and the faster computer.

  8. That's great! Have you tried subscribing to FSD Beta yet? I guess it's all tradeoffs..

  9. Thanks, I didn't see this significant of a difference in the stated range however

  10. Buy it used, where the $7500 has already been sniped by someone.

  11. Yeah I've thought about this too but it seems the used prices still haven't fully dropped yet

  12. Keep holding. Only a matter of time. Tesla is ramping production quick so wait times should stabilize and come down.

  13. Do you have a recommended place/site to buy a used Model Y LR?

  14. Ahhhhh.... it's always lovely to hear someone singing the song of my people.

  15. I don't get why BK provided his phone number during his Moscow traffic stop. Are there more details about that? That's not routine for just any stop.

  16. I do agree it seems odd. One potential explanation is that Idaho PD contacted Indiana PD to make the stop and try to confirm his phone number to file a warrant for the AT&T records

  17. Nope, the FBI came out and made a statement that they did not make this request

  18. Putting trash in your neighbor's trash is hella suspicious.

  19. Did the 2015 Elantra have built in GPS to track the precise location where BK might have stopped to stash a murder weapon?

  20. I think it’s because it would be more suspicious to go back to pullman via the road that connects Pullman and Moscow, so he wanted to make it look like he didn’t go through moscow

  21. Yeah it could be he thought the police would be alert and searching for westbound cars coming from Moscow after the crime, focused on the more populated Moscow/Pullman area

  22. Anyone live in the area and know if there are any notable cameras or toll booths on highway 270 between Moscow and Pullman that he would be trying to avoid?

  23. The eight hours to call 911 is stunning - why did Dylan wait that long to do Something?

  24. It's possible she thought it was a one night stand or something, and didn't realize the gravity of the situation and that the suspicious guy had just done the deed

  25. Because the average redditor thinks consumerism is lame unless it's the latest Nintendo switch or a Tesla

  26. What's the significance of August 21, 2022?

  27. Okay, tin foil hat time. There's an Opendoor property not far from me that had been on the market for 6 months give or take and the price reduced drastically. I noticed yesterday that it is now off-market. Doesn't appear to have been sold, just off-market. What are they up to now?

  28. It's possible they sold a batch of home to some private equity firm

  29. I like the Kimchi dumplings in the red bag, far left side of freezer section

  30. The million dollar question is if past returns predict future returns..

  31. Can anyone explain why the democrats wouldn't just unite with moderate republicans to elect a moderate republican?

  32. The honest truth is, they're much closer to getting their guy in power than McCarthy is. If a couple of R's vote Present or are absent, Jefferies will win speaker at this point.

  33. Let’s list a few current leaks and revisit them in a week or so when the arrest affidavit is made public. Some current leaks are: DNA evidence helped lead to his arrest; he asked if any other people were arrested at the time of his arrest; and law enforcement followed him and his dad from Washington to Pennsylvania.

  34. Another leak was killer washed their hands in the sink / took a shower, epithelial cells found in the sink drain

  35. Austin is mostly white people while UT is much more diverse. Austin is "fake" diverse.

  36. Actually this is not true anymore. White non-hispanic are now no longer a majority but are are the most common group.

  37. Per the chamber of commerce, 51.3% of inbound migration was from other TX cities followed by 8.7% from CA. In terms of cities, the top 5 were Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, LA, and NYC.

  38. This is really cool data. Thanks for sharing. It's amazing to see Austin is doing so well for net migration compared to NYC, LA etc.

  39. Wow that's a pretty cool story. I wonder if it's even possible to wash your hands in this manner and leave no epithelial cells in the drain.

  40. Bryan Kohberger went back to classes after the murders. Students said he wore gloves for at least 3 days, they thought this was strange. Now looking back it’s suggested he was not wanting to leave any fingerprints anywhere for LE I thought it was probably that he had injuries to his hands. Interesting!

  41. That is so suspicious.. it also could be he had cuts he was hoping would heal

  42. Ugh this is so annoying.. May I ask what zip code this happened in?

  43. This reads like when the media asks to use videos on twitter "That's amazing, I'm with Kxxx, can we have permission...."

  44. Haha yeah good point, I'm just a homeowner who hopes it's not as widespread as it sounds :/

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