1. We are a family of six and we average $700 a month between Jan and aug of this year. We stock up when things are on sale. We rarely buy meat. We usually shop at food basics. Also their scenario in the article fails to mention child benefits and how much money these families would receive from that.

  2. So you guys averaged $3.89 per person per day on food?

  3. Ya, we keep track of our expenses and average it out. And yes, just food, toiletries are not included

  4. $25 000 to elect progressives across the city…when a an independent councillor spending limits are much lower

  5. 25 k is influential or else they wouldn’t be doing it..: and yeah I voted… spin all you want… pretend I’m the enemy this is is not what I do it’s about Erin and her endorsement of a mayor despite her saying she’d be neutral and why did that and how it’s looking like a new club you might not like it but it does look like it…

  6. I'm not spinning it. You refereed to progressives as a bad thing, like society would be better off going in the other direction. You sound like the kind of person that would want to strip LGBT rights and take us back 50 years.

  7. I wouldn't say I'm angry, just disappointed this occurred. And I felt like others should know. I spend a good amount of time following municipal politics. I personally feel like it’s a big deal when we let whoever vote wherever they please.

  8. Maybe she has a proxy vote? I hope the people who are saying that she did something illegal can back that shit up

  9. Proxy vote for who? And why wouldn't she come out and say that. Her silence speaks volumes. She's totally ignored anyone including myself who has asked her about it.

  10. Re-posting this as my original post was deleted by moderators as I left out some important details, I am sorry for that error. I have clarified down below.

  11. I assume you mean the connection between the two? Not the part about Ashley Darling being a convoy supporting homophobe, there is proof of that on twitter from others. Some of the volunteers who are helping Rouba out are also help Darling out., unfortunately I can't prove that. But Darling does like most of Rouba candidate posts on facebook. Personally, if I was running for election and someone like that kept liking my posts I would tell them to F*** right off. Rouba also has convoy supporting friends on facebook, although I can understand having a few, in Roubas case there are A LOT. Personally I stopped talking to my uncle and cut him out of my life when he went anti-vax and pro-convoy, I can't see why Rouba doesn't do that with her facebook friends especially when it's so obvious that they are.

  12. Complaining about misspellings but can't spell the word "spelled" lmao

  13. I think the word you're looking for is spelled not spelt lmfao

  14. 2+ hours one way during the summer, don’t even want to think about how bad it would be in the winter. I finished my certificate program but can’t go back for the diploma program I was looking at because of the commute.

  15. same but how are you not bothered all of my classes start at 8 lol

  16. when you search "vote allen hubley" on google this is the 2nd result. Come on! Let's get it to number 1!

  17. I know this a old post but if you are still looking, come check us out. WoRun: West Ottawa Run Club. We do trail running in the summer, and we plan on doing street running in the winter. We meet up afterwards for some social time and beers. See details at

  18. I know this is an old post, but if you are still into running and discovering new groups. Check us out, we are WoRun: West Ottawa Run Club. We do mainly trail running in the greenbelt and then social time and beers afterwards. See details at

  19. Interesting. Even though I am in the east end, might be worth the trip to join in.

  20. Sure thing! But I do believe there are a few run clubs on the east end. If you like the idea of the beer/social time than Ottawa City Run Club

  21. Seconded! I’ve flirted with the idea of getting back into running but would be at an extreme beginner level and even when I was running frequently my times were not impressive.

  22. We welcome all paces, you can always stick to a basic 1K there and 1K back for a total of 2K. In past weeks we've had beginners come out that ran/walked the route.

  23. wait...am i not real?? I never thought that was possible. Maybe I died years ago or maybe I'm just a robot that up until now thought I was human

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