1. in what goddamn universe is 150 kw “ridiculously low”?

  2. Right. Unfortunately, new EV owners are gonna need some education on this point, since a bunch of them are going to plug their Bolts into a 350kW dispenser and wonder why it isn't charging any faster than 50kW. EV manufacturers need to come up with a simple, standard infographic that clearly shows the charging capabilities of the car... Kind of like a nutrition label.

  3. Naw. Most Bolt owners get enough shade that they know their car will never charge faster than 55 kW.

  4. As an i3 owner, I'm down with the 50kW shade as well! It's not really a road trip car -- though I have done it -- so you won't see me at a DCFC much at all.

  5. It's not the unit. Consumption here in germany is measured by consumption per defined distance, not the other way around. So X kwh per 100km.

  6. In the US, it's generally easier to wrap our heads around "bigger is better", so distance/defined unit works better for us. Exception: Tesla.

  7. Why is this sub so negative? Despite the comments here, it's a thorough video to test highway range in cold conditions (something everyone here complains needs to be known of EVs).

  8. That 4.1 mi/kWh is damn impressive for 70mph. Efficiency should be king, not battery size.

  9. Ding it a couple dozen more times. Congrats, you now own a relic!

  10. Woman in the top picture: "Why the frick are we still using this 9 year old monitor?"

  11. This comment from BMW National Dealer Forum Chairman David Sloane doesn’t inspire confidence

  12. Did they have a problem with the Cars or the Bids? Or was it the Quirks or Features?

  13. I think folks are just being cautious. The problem with 2021 wasn't the snow, it was the ice. Since we are in for some freezing rain and freezing temps, some roads might see some ice, maybe not today but tomorrow for sure. Drivers in San Antonio aren't the best when it comes to even good conditions.

  14. To be fair, nobody is a good driver on ice. I did see some ice on elevated surfaces and on decks on the far NE side. I've been hearing lots of sirens all morning, too.

  15. Why does it matter? EV or ICE, most pedestrians have their face stuck in their phones, with their headphones cranked, so they won't notice anyway.

  16. We have a 2012 Volt and now a 2022 Tesla Model X.

  17. I somehow managed to get a coupon sent to me last year by BMW for complimentary oil change service for the next three years, so for the next two years at least, oil changes are free. I know. Not helpful. I seem to remember that the local dealer would charge 120-150 for an oil change.

  18. PSA: Your neighbors will mind if you crank it. Please don't.

  19. Yeah... When it's cool 35-45F, I get around 3.8-4.0 on my route, and when it gets milder (70-75F), I can pretty easily get 4.8-5.0 on the same route.

  20. I don't know about the name, but the helmets need sugar skulls with Edgar haircuts.

  21. I did something like this for my OL pods. I attached the panel divider material to a small dry erase board. That way, I can write the pod name and intensity on the board next to each row.

  22. Less than 3 cents/mile for me if I did all charging from home. It's even less because I have access to a free L2 charger. Article is B.S.... In Texas at least.

  23. 2017 Protonic Blue here... A-pillars are body color on mine.

  24. Minivans are waaay better than suvs. If people were honest, they’d admit they were buying suvs due to style. Not practicality.

  25. I wish someone would make a mini-minivan EV. Something like an electrified Mazda5... and sell them in the U.S.A.

  26. Came here looking to make the "I want a Mazda5 EV" comment if it wasn't already made. I liked everything about my Mazda5 except how long it was. Well, and the traction control sucked, but it was 2007.

  27. I really liked the size and utility of our Mazda5, but the gas mileage wasn't so great. I think we'd get 22-23mpg most days.

  28. My 2018 is still on its original EP500 tyres and they’ve covered just over 19k miles. How many miles have you done?

  29. I've got 20K so far on a new set of EP 500s, and they seriously look like they've got another 15K or more in them. I'm not sure how so many seem to be wearing them down so quickly. I'm guessing it's aggressive driving.

  30. The worst reliable part about a BMW is the engine.

  31. Does the fact that the Rex engine is basically made by Kymco for BMW scooters give it better odds of lasting?

  32. All my v2s and v3s are working great right now, so I don't think I'll update them ever again.

  33. When you have nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea...

  34. I get a The Hives vibe. Sounds awesome! Best of luck to y'all!

  35. I play in a worship band and have used my Katana for several practices. I get what people are saying that there's a wide range but yeah you're safe.

  36. I used to play in a P&W band for a number of years, and after a while, I gave up chasing the echo-in-your-face reverb jingly-jangly ambient sound. I was overthinking it.

  37. That sounds like an opening to make a new possessed-car horror movie: JENNi3

  38. I tried them for a month about two years ago, and they seemed to be fine. A bonus was that I got a Christmas card with Ryan Reynolds face on it that year.

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