1. AirPods Pro gen 2 ( I bought them a week ago and they just got delivered to the store today, so I went and picked them up

  2. Check your accessibility settings, see if you've somehow accidentally turned on "mono audio"

  3. I think it’s cool where it says designed by apple in California. It says the coordinates

  4. Where are your purple app icon images? The Photos app?

  5. Honestly nothing worked for me 100%, always some leftovers. I had to submit a ticket to customer support and they arranged a call for me with technician in a couple days and he's done the full reset.

  6. I see a lot of them on ebay for around $30 which is a normal price as the season is sorta new still. You best chance it to look at ebay for them

  7. freak show by far they didn’t deserve to go out like that :’(

  8. FRL it didn’t. Made me sad and I was I was in tears when I saw ma petite 💀

  9. (Forgot to put it) Murder house : the harmons being all together after they all died made ME die inside and made me sad for the whole day 🥲

  10. Most of the disembowel deaths. IMO it looked WAY to real and actually close to real entrails and I was shocked and disturbed by it even though I watch all 7 unrated cuts of the saw films and that didn’t phase me lol. Basically the deaths where people were gutted/disemboweled scared me.

  11. No single reason for me. But I just couldn't get into it, to the point I don't think I ever finished watching it. At some point I will give it a rewatch and finish it just to have the series completed.

  12. I understand what you mean. I do have a few cons about the season it wasnt that long like other seasons and felt confusing at times.

  13. Wait how do you win a lawsuit under 1m? I feel Ike my wins are hit or miss

  14. Normally for englargement surgery. Most of the time there is a chance that when you sue the highest amount could potentially be if I remember right 131K and there is a chance it could be 1m

  15. Really when it comes to the penis enlargement surgery it really doesn't matter. I've had doctors with a full reputation bar botch my dick and I've had doctors with no reputation give me and awesome dick.. but about 80% of the time it doesn't matter who you pick it'll get botched

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